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Invincible Robot in Rock Paper and Scissors

Remember this game which you played last time and win it against your friend but wait this time a bigger challenge is in front of you

Beats you in less than a second

What? Are you afraid of it? if yes then you should be because this robot don’t give you a single chance of winning. Japan’s Ishikawa laboratory has created the invincible robot which beat human being in rock paper and scissor 10 on 10. Another cool robot in the bazaar by japanese. This Robot is 100% confident of beating you in “Rock Paper and Scissor”. According to Engineers that this robot has the ability to recieve the image of joint wrist hand of human being in I milli second through camera and perform the rest part of the game by robotic hand . The researchers claim that “This technology is one example that shows a possibility of cooperation control within a few milliseconds,” write the researchers. “And this technology can be applied to motion support of human beings and cooperation work between human beings and robots etc. without time delay.” One Idea to beat it/There is always a way:

“Everything is fair in love and war”

Well it is possible by a little cheating with this confident, over smart robot. It is time now some engineering just reverse the camera lens to one of the friend of yours while the robotic arms face towards you and say your partner to show the paper and you show the punch. Congrats you win against the unassailable, invincible and unbeatable robot! but by cheating… Or maybe playing against a human being is a better option. What do you think so?