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World’s Cheapest Tablet- Aakash 2

After world’s cheapest car people would have thought that Indians will only focus their future on cars and automobiles but we should not have to put the talent of Indians in information technology aside or ignored. Indians have some great IT companies which is the economic growth factor of India and has brought thousand of jobs in India.In this digital era Indian government has put a breaking news in front of us of introducing the cheapest tablet in the market Aakash2.(in Hindi ‘Aakash means Sky’)

Although AaKash was the product initially launched by IIT Rajasthan, collaborating with British company ‘Data wind’; but was not successful due to some technical and financial issues.

Although Aakash 2 is not launched yet, Datawind which had submitted about 100 tablets to IIT-Bombay for testing, said that the government has approved the specifications for the upgraded version and it will be launched soon in the market.

Reason of Building a cheapest mobile tablet:

As we all know that indian is growing economically day by day and they want to build a financial hub in India with in next 15-20 years or else the investors will leave. May be Indians are targeting Mumbai to become the next financial center as you can see, first Aakash was built with IIT rajasthan and they for the second one work with Mumbai may be the technology and skill wise mumbai works more advanced.

And also not to make more people impatient,giving people smart ways for learning, they introduce cheapest tablets in the markets, but the major issues with it is as it works on wifi so the internet connectivity could be the major issue but may be they will find a solution by introducing a GSM, also Aakash one has problem of charging backup but that can be resolve as students might charge it in lunch interval. 🙂

World’s Cheapest tablet

Comparing Aakash 1 with Aakash 2:

Aakash 1 AaKash2
Processor of 366MHz. Processor of 800MHz.
 256 Mb of RAM 256 Mb RAM with 2 GB internal memory
runs on andoird 2.2 runs on andoird 2.3 with upgraded android OS
USB port:1 USB port:2
 Available in the market in Rs 2500  Rs.3,499, But I will buy because it is still the cheapest in market

Lets hope that you don’t need to wait any more and get the cheapest mobile in your hand as soon as possible and not only the people of India but the people around the world.

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