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Engineer’s Day In India

If you are living in India don’t forget to say Happy Engineer’s Day to your engineering fellow. Today on 15th of September, Engineer’s day is celebrated all over the India in the respect of “Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya”, a notable Indian Engineer, who was born on 18th September 1860.

Remember 3 Idiots..

In India many young and upcoming “Engineering students” are inspired from 3 Idiots, a movie release some years ago, which gets viral all over India. And a prove, is this video in which four engineering students not three as in movie, in Mumbai have made a quadrophonic that flies by a remote control and have won a competition in an engineering college in Kanpur.

India is the country from where every year tons of engineering graduates pass out. And many Indian Engineering students are found in top Engineering universities around the world. India it self have a world-class universities in which IIT is known world-wide. The admission criteria of the university is very tough as millions of students take part in the Admission test. Such a university have produce brilliant students in the past who are working in world wide as well in India where we found mobility from government towards engineering in recent years. A few months ago an IITian was offered a job of Rs. 70 lakh by 9 billion dollar firm- Twitter. He was interviewed from San Fransisco while he was dwelling in India in front of his PC. He was not the position holder but was well enough to meet it. “Sitting in Delhi on a computer, I was trying my best to reply to the queries of software engineers of Twitter,” he said. Once the technical interviews were over, an Indian manager of the social networking site took another interview in Delhi on May 30 and two days later, I was told that they were hiring me, Later they mailed me the offer letter signed by the chief technical officer of Twitter with an annual package of $1,30,000 per annum. Inclusive of bonus, it is about Rs 70 lakh.” He said. But he has bigger dreams. “Being confined to a job isn’t my goal. I have friends working with Google and Facebook. Sometime in the future, we’d like to set up our own company.” Also many firms in India is uprooting Engineering and investing to create easiness in the life of people as Engineering is all bout creating safety and easiness to people. The biggest example of it is the Rs1 lakh car found on Indian roads known as Tata Nano which is the best vehicle for a family of 4-5. Also some thing like Aakash-2 Tablet which really is a good step towards Engineering and comforting people.

 But the sad thing about Engineering in India is the less focus of upcoming students on oldest engineering branch, “Civil Engineering”.
An article read in New york Times in which the main clause was the lack of interest of upcoming students in civil engineering.
“Young Indians’ preference for software over steel and concrete poses an economic conundrum for India. Its much-envied information technology industry generates tens of thousands of relatively well-paying jobs every year. But that lure also continues the exodus of people qualified to build the infrastructure it desperately needs to improve living conditions for the rest of its one billion people — and to bolster the sort of industries that require good highways and railroads more than high-speed Internet links to the West.”
Since there is lack of interest and passion towards civil engineering so it hurts the quality.  An executive Mr. Sujay Kalele said; “If we need 10 good-quality civil engineers, we may get four or five.”
Also India leading Construction L&T said,”You don’t get the best quality in civil engineers, because today the first choice for students is other branches of engineering, said K. P. Raghavan, an executive vice president in L.& T.’s construction division. “We are compensating with lots of training.”
Also the reason behind this is the first payment given to fresh civil engineers is not well enough.  About six thousand dollar annually given to a fresh civil engineers and that is from a good Private firm not from government sector. Also the other reason of not well growth of Civil Engineering, is the huge corruption which is a big problem not only in India but of many countries.
Well lets hope the problem get solved soon. And yes to all of you “Happy Engineer’s day.”

Does an engineering student need to spend extra time on English language skills?

Most people think that Engineers don’t write  and when they gear up for that they end up on writing a theory or a formula. In short they don’t write. According to a report that only 57% of engineering students can write correct English sentences. And surely most of this data improved when Engineering student start using Facebook or Twitter :). Also in that report it states that 25% of  them find difficulty in writing letters and day to day conversation. The survey was done in 250 engineering colleges of India and India is one of the country which produce largest amount of Engineers in an year.

This is somewhat an Alarming situation for Engineering Society not only in Asia but all parts of the world. May be in America they don’t find difficulty in speaking but many have problems in writing a good business letter. The biggest reason in India is somewhat students in half of their academic life study in there local language and giving English second priority.

In Engineering jobs the language plays an important role not from now but since last 10-15 yeas. There was a time when IT jobs were also given considering more about English accent than the IT knowledge but somewhat it was not a good long lasting idea.

In the Publication ‘Achieving the Vision for Civil Engineering in 2025’ in which they regard Civil Engineer as a future leader who will be the problem solver. So as a leader it is very important to have great communication skills there are tons of examples in front of you. It is not only English but somewhat other languages you should need to have command which helps you a lot in engineering sites. Like in Dubai or Saudi Arabia where Arabic is given an equal importance in compare to English in International forum. So it will be excellent to be proficient in more than 2 languages in future.


Do you think that Engineering student need to spend an extra time on language skills preferably English as being the international language?

Kingdom Tower-Future Tallest Building

World’s currently tallest building Burj Khalifa is unlikely to overtake by Kingdom Tower in future at Jeddah near the Red Sea, which  will be just above 1 km, about 1 km and 7 meter. The building has started its construction this year and more likely to complete each and every thing in 2017.

About 5.7 million square feet is totally covered land area.The main purpose of this building is tourist attraction; featuring a Four Seasons hotel, Four Seasons serviced apartments, office space, luxury condominiums and an observatory. The cost estimated for this project is about 1.2 billion US dollar, which is signed by Saudi bin laden group. The architect of this project is Adrian Smith +
 Gordon Gill Architecture, also designed Burj Khalifa gate houses for which it  wins
2012 International Architecture Award. The Kingdom Tower design embraces its architectural pedigree, taking full advantage of the proven design strategies and technological strategies of its lineage, refining and advancing them to achieve new heights.

According to Talal Al Maiman who is the CEO of Kingdom Real Estate Development Company stated in the investor meeting that

“We intend Kingdom Tower to become both an economic engine and a proud symbol of the kingdom’s economic and cultural stature in the world community.”

“Kingdom Tower will be a landmark structure that will greatly increase the value of other properties around it in Kingdom City and indeed throughout North Jeddah.”

A challenge in the future:

The tag of tallest building hold by burj khalifa more than half a decade in 21st century when new advancements are taking place in every part of the world is marvelous but it might not be same with Kingdom tower as some rumors are already in the market that a sky scraper in 2018 will constructed and become the tallest in the world know as Azerbaijan Tower. But up till now there is no confirmation for that and in the past many projects were proposed but not given to its final shape.

What are your thoughts regarding Kingdom Tower?

Engineering College Dropout? I don’t think so

Becoming a college dropout seems like the most adventurous thing for me when I see the accomplishments of Steve jobs and Bill gates. But at the same time it makes me feel shameful when I heard the news of a college dropout attempts to hacked ICICI bank site.

Right now I am in fourth semester of my Engineering and I have no plans of attempting something like this in the end of my semester.

What drives him to do that?

The college dropout, name Manish Pandey whose father is a doctor told “My target was to make fund transfer of Rs 10 crore from the bank so that I could have set up an IIT-JEE coaching institute in Varanasi” Moreover he told that he did this with the help of some students of IIT-Kanpur Students. A case has been registered against Pandey under Section 65 and 66 of Information Technology (IT) Act, besides IPC 420.

This looks to me a totally different thing, don’t say him the college dropout as it is a pure word because college dropouts are million times better than these kinds of people say him one of the lovebirds of coaching centre. Because all he did is to make a coaching centre. In India as well as other countries coaching center is a profitable business but students are getting less interested to become an engineer or doctor for what their parents have admitted them in such expensive fee structure institution. Students who scores good marks get busy in future studies and leave behind coaching centre environment but those who scores less are roaming on the streets of coaching centers and you know well what they do?

It might be the environment of coaching centre which is not up to mark of building a vision of an engineer or doctor.  One of my teacher said about the tutors of coaching centre that ‘They are the ones who should be hanged on the streets till death.’ Because they have ruined new generation, beside of giving the concept of a topic they teach them How to get the exact answer? How to get 100 marks in Mathematics?

Tell me one thing studying in the class of your intermediate college which is bigger than your drawing-room and studying in a class of coaching centre which is like a drawing-room, where you feel more comfortable?

But this is also taken in to account that college have themselves degraded their reputation by the interference of political parties, due to which students and their parents forcefully have to put them in coaching centers. Colleges should do something to get their glory back or else this is a just start, in future you might even not catch these people.

So what you think

Is He a College Dropout or one of the lovebirds of Coaching Centre?

Also are you satisfied with the coaching centre environment?

Elite Transportation

Subway Systems are the elite transportation of modern cities like; Montreal, Paris, Tokyo, Singapore, London, Guangzhou and New york. It operates below the surface of land via electricity. It provides fast, comfortable and cozy service as compare to personal transport. The best thing about subway system is; it is economical, safe and environment friendly; it can cut air pollution greatly. If there were no substation in New York, in the year 2001, the aftermath of the world trade incident could have been worse; if thousands of people were not escaped from there within few minutes by the help of substation.

Main Components of Subway System:

The three chief components of a subway system are tunnels, stations and depots. Before the construction starts, Planning plays a huge role of creating everything on the maps and computers; keeping in view the land area, material, need and budget. In a subway system; it is mainly required for determining the track alignment of tunnels and placement of the stations and depots, which means that quarter of the work is done before the construction started but it’s a long and tedious process. All components must fixed in such a way that proper facilities are available such as electricity and structural elements. Also the stations, tunnels and depots are placed at a distance from residential areas as it produces a lot of noises.

The Construction of a tunnel is done mostly by cut and fill method, in most part of the world this technique is used and being followed due to being economical and flexible also it is use in pedestrian underpasses. By this technique the area which is not required is cut and covering is done of the vacant places by the material which is cut. Tunnel Boring Machine is also use which drills from soil to hardest rock; which is very big and takes time even to get assembled, blasting from dynamite is taken in to account for the construction of tunnel. Some research is going on; for creating a safe and easy tunnel quickly and smoothly. Engineers are working with lasers cutting devices and some high tech computers which will analyze the ground situation by the help of sound wave. For waterproofing; since lots of steel and iron is used; use precast concrete along with some waterproofing pigments. After creating the tunnel with the consideration that it will handle its own weight and the movable heavy trains; there is use of electronic devices for this vast system for the safety and easiness. Use of Logic Circuits to know the exact places of trains, use of screens to tell the passengers about the time of arrival and departure just like an airport.

Signals are very important when train arrives and departs; also to avoid intersection which results in great historical accidents, using high-tech devices the chances of accidents and tragedies are getting minimized.

Problems of the elite transportation system:

As the subway in peak times gets opaque with people so the chances of criminal activity creates, such as pick pocketing and mobile snatching. This problem gets minimized by placing high-tech cameras and patrol of police guards in peak hours. Secondly, the privacy is nowhere; so one could save money or save its privacy. Public transport works on schedule and they follow the preset routes; they will not go for a shortcut to get you towards your destination; so one has to rush to get to his destination.

Keeping a thought in mind; these problems are not big as compare to economic crises, global warming and energy crises; so one has to sacrifice his privacy and his habits and take small but effective part in solving bigger  problems.


World’s Cheapest Tablet- Aakash 2

After world’s cheapest car people would have thought that Indians will only focus their future on cars and automobiles but we should not have to put the talent of Indians in information technology aside or ignored. Indians have some great IT companies which is the economic growth factor of India and has brought thousand of jobs in India.In this digital era Indian government has put a breaking news in front of us of introducing the cheapest tablet in the market Aakash2.(in Hindi ‘Aakash means Sky’)

Although AaKash was the product initially launched by IIT Rajasthan, collaborating with British company ‘Data wind’; but was not successful due to some technical and financial issues.

Although Aakash 2 is not launched yet, Datawind which had submitted about 100 tablets to IIT-Bombay for testing, said that the government has approved the specifications for the upgraded version and it will be launched soon in the market.

Reason of Building a cheapest mobile tablet:

As we all know that indian is growing economically day by day and they want to build a financial hub in India with in next 15-20 years or else the investors will leave. May be Indians are targeting Mumbai to become the next financial center as you can see, first Aakash was built with IIT rajasthan and they for the second one work with Mumbai may be the technology and skill wise mumbai works more advanced.

And also not to make more people impatient,giving people smart ways for learning, they introduce cheapest tablets in the markets, but the major issues with it is as it works on wifi so the internet connectivity could be the major issue but may be they will find a solution by introducing a GSM, also Aakash one has problem of charging backup but that can be resolve as students might charge it in lunch interval. 🙂

World’s Cheapest tablet

Comparing Aakash 1 with Aakash 2:

Aakash 1 AaKash2
Processor of 366MHz. Processor of 800MHz.
 256 Mb of RAM 256 Mb RAM with 2 GB internal memory
runs on andoird 2.2 runs on andoird 2.3 with upgraded android OS
USB port:1 USB port:2
 Available in the market in Rs 2500  Rs.3,499, But I will buy because it is still the cheapest in market

Lets hope that you don’t need to wait any more and get the cheapest mobile in your hand as soon as possible and not only the people of India but the people around the world.

And then read my blog on the Aakash 2. 😀

TATA NANO Currently Holds the Tag of Cheapest Affordable Car in the World

When the news break that the Indian automobile company is making a world cheapest car its competitors thought that it’s impossible but when the product was launch in the market and the company named it as a TATA NANO, its cooperate sector has given it a name of One lakh rupees Car and its owner Mr. Rattan Tata has given the name “People’s Car”. All people were shocked by this biggest breaking news of India in the year 2008.


Purpose of making this Car:

“Whenever I wanted to visit my relatives I had to rely on public transport or a bike. The car allows me to travel with my family,” a common man of India. Considering the common thinking of Indian, Purpose of the car was shown by the owner of TATA automobile company that it is a people’s car so it should be so cheap that people who earn 400-500 dollar can afford to take a new branded car.

Also a family of four or five can afford it.

Cost Cutting Features:

When the car was only in the mind of owner and designer and there challenge was to cut the features so that the car gets cheaper and cheaper but they need a family car.

There was in the minds of designers to make a roofless car but considering the facts that Indians with their families need some privacy and leaving a motorcycle and coming to car should have a strong reason so they can’t afford to make a roofless car. Also someone trying to design a two door car but then reviewing the purpose the idea was put in to dustbin.

Also they have to consider the roads and weather of India in designing the car. But there was no big work on it although the car assures with minimum safety. The two things which they work on it and by which they try to cut the features were weight of the body and material. The weight of the car is approximately 600 kg. There is a Multipoint fuel injector which is cheaper than direct injection, however it gets wet slightly while intake of 40/60 psi. In direct injection which takes  fuel with the pressure of 1800 bar to 2600 bar and is dry and clean. However, in newer petrol, direct injection systems are beginning to replace.

The spare tire and gas tank in the front while the the battery is under the driver’s seat.

It has 4 speed manual transmission (it’s not automatic) that makes it more cheap as it requires cheap parts to build comparing to automatic and it is mechanically simpler so it’s repairing and maintenance will cost cheaper. The Speed of the car is about 105Km/h, No power steering present in it and is unnecessary due to its light weight. The spare tire and gas tank are in the front, while the battery is under the driver’s seat. All that rearranging keeps the front axle weight balanced, and improves the handling of the car. Currently the car is based on gasoline no diesel version of this is out in the market. Although will work on it but it will lose the tag from the car of 1 lac.

Design of the car:

The car’s exterior was designed at Italy’s Institute of Development in Automotive Engineering.Mostly in India or any other Asian countries you will not find Car color to be yellow it looks like a TAXI color but NANO cars look appealing with this color.

What they had to do for marketing:

They had to do nothing for the marketing as the brand and their ideas were so big that they don’t need any big marketing. Indians in the start buy about 1.5 million cars and that’s enough to start your car business. Tata is building a network of Nano dealers in towns of fewer than 500,000 people. To make it more affordable, Tata offers a down payment as low as 15,000 rupees. It also extended the warranty to four years or 60,000 kilometers.TAT A has grown its relation with European countries and nearly we will see TATA NANO on European Roads


India’s best-selling and second-cheapest car, starts at 232,247 rupees. Although being the cheapest car will attract the most Indians but some of them will lose the interest,

“India is a value-for-money market, it’s not a cheap market. So when you are having a product which is available at 20, 25 percent higher price, but this is a proper car, then people would rather go for that rather than this car,” said Hetamasaria.

Secondly, Tata built a Nano plant in West Bengal, but was forced out in October 2008 by violent protests from farmers. It made Nanos temporarily at another plant while its new factory was built in Gujurat. For that they also had to trained the workers and fresh labors which was another challenge. As Petrol cars have been hit especially hard in the market so it will be against NANO Car.

Thirdly, some people of Indians do hesitate of buying the cheapest car as they think it is a pride of some people.

Fourthly, there was also question on carbon emission on which there engineers clarify that comparing with the carbon emission the car produces fairly low.

Fifthly, the burning issue of TATA Nano and all the fire accidents reported on the Tata Nano say the fire started in the rear where the engine is placed. Users of the Nano say they feel slight heat of the engine in the rear cabin. Is it because it is not properly insulated?

What TATA Motors need to do:

TATA NANO motors should start selling cars to neighboring countries of India to get increase in sells and moreover in Pakistan it is also impossible to buy 2 Lakh Pak Rupees  new car and if TATA start selling cars in Pakistan on that price by planting their outlets so they could capture a new market where no one is King in making cheap and affordable cars. In US, Tata will not succeed as people of US despite of inflation look for best and quality although TATA gives quality but the thinking of having a super fast cars will make the business of cars not so high in US, whereas in Pakistan they can get some great and positive results.