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That’s why Boom Boom was not in Q-Mobile ads

Haier Smartphones
Haier Smartphones

I was just surprised and thinking for the past few months that why #LALA #BOOMBOOM #Shahid Afridi is not in Q-mobile ads. Q-mobile is one of the leading mobile phones in Pakistan. They took Fawaad Khan who is one of the most popular guy from Pakistan media industry, Humayun Saeed and then they fly to Bolly wood and signed Kareena Kapoor known as Bebo. There is also news that Q-mobile is negotiating Angelina Jolie in their next ad which will be the biggest victory for Q-mobile and a great chance to enter in International market.

Also best of luck to Lala’s Smart phone Haier which looks to me appealing and similar to my favourite brand- Samsung. Best of Luck to Javed Afridi. My best wishes are with him!!!



Pakistan Team Cruises in to the final of Asia Cup in Style

Since I start writing blog again, Pakistan team has started playing well. Pakistan team won the match against the Indian rivals in a very dramatic way, and we need just to avoid an embarrassing loss against Bangladesh. But it was changed in to dramatic and historical win against the Bengali tigers.

Pakistan team who lost the toss and bowl first there bowling. There bowling was not the 50% of what they put effort against India in the previous match. Sunil Gavaskar said about Pakistan Cricket team that ” Pakistan team is an exciting team because they are unpredictable” They could lose the match which no one thought they could and they could do it vice versa.

Today it was not the orthodox way of Pakistan winning the match it was there batting who did it for Pakistan Cricket team. Hafeez and Shehzad give a great start then once again a cracks came up in Pakistan cricket team Misbah and Maqsood (!!! He was given wrong out!!!) went out early. Then it was an unsung hero Fawaad Alam. The person who got his place in the team after 1200 days( more or less 4 years) has shown his talent and told everyone what he could do is really beneficial for Pakistan. And in the last but the greatest the show of the Match Mr. Shahid Khan Afridi who was given license to Boom as hit some powerful raining sixes and took it from the Bangladesh team. Yess Shehzad scored a century.

Crucial and Exciting Moments:

Pakistani Bowlers and fielders were ordinary

Fawaad Alam and Ahmed Shehzad played with responsibility.

It was Shahid Afridi’s day (I think that’s enough)

Misbah gone out on 4 off 4.

Pakistan team will play the final match against Srilanka and will defend the title of best team in Asia.

Asia Cup Pakistan beat India by 1 wicket

It was Sunday and it was for Cricket. An excited match happened today between Pakistan and India. Pak won the toss decided to field first.

Crucial tactics:

Pak choose to chase (!!!And they did it!!!)

Talha was picked instead of Anwar Ali (!!! And it worked !!!)

Mishra was picked.. (!!! And it also worked!!!)

Crucial Moments

Dhawan and Kholi went early (!!! That’s why India didn’t make 300+!!!)

Misbah was run out (!!!Second time in the series and lucky for Pakistan as we won the last time!!!)

Boom Boom Shahid Afridi was batting in the last over (!!! And Alas he did it!!!)

Man of the Match was Muhammad Hafeez who scored 75 and picked 2 wickets. Though Pakistan won the match but it was not the match the way it deserve after mighty Indian batting line up restricted under 250 which never happen. Pakistan batsman have never won easily when ever they chase.

It was also called as a semi final i.e who ever win, will be in the final of Asia Cup. Even if Bangladesh win against Pakistan and India beat Afghanistan because of the extra point Pakistan earn against Afghanistan.


Another Meeting:

Pakistan will face India again shortly on 21 Mar 2014. And it will be in the T20 WC 2014.  India will have their captain back, MS Dhoni while Pakistan team skipper will be Muhammad Hafeez.

So we Can say that March is the Month for Cricket… And also there will be a match against Barcelona and Madrid on 23 March. So exciting news for football lovers too….

U-19 Pak Cric Team Reaches to the final of WC

If we say that best talent comes from Pakistan ( yeah I know other also have ) then it would be not wrong. And its proof is this that Pakistan reaches to the final of U-19 WC for the fifth time most by any team.

In 2006 Pakistan team win the world cup under the captaincy of of Sarfaraz Ahmed so up till now in 2014 he might become one of the key players of Pak cricket team. On the other hand India won 2009 world cup under Virat Kholi and he is doing captaincy for India in Asia Cup. Unfortunately Pakistan don’t know how to build a team. In the past they have produce great players but they never produces a team unit which was only once or twice in the history of Pak cricket team. Let us see how they treat Imam ul Haq.

There was a nice support for Pakistan in Dubai in the semis and it looks like it will be more and big for Pakistan. Micheal Vaughan, Mark Boucher and Jhonty Rhodes were also present



The final will be on Saturday so it will be a good long rest for Pakistan.  The next team will be decided between Aussie and proteas, tomorrow in the semi final.


Tendulkar Thinking about Retirement

An Institution Of Cricket

If it happens it will be a huge set back in cricketing world.Sooner or later Tendulkar will be leaving international cricket and will not only create a gap in cricket also leaves behind many glorious moments in cricket.

“I am 39 and I don’t think I have plenty of cricket left in me. But it depends on my frame of mind and my physical ability to deliver. When I feel that I am not delivering what is needed, and then I will re-look at the scheme of things. I am already 39 and no one expects me to go on playing forever,” Tendulkar told a TV channel

He played his first international cricket match in National Stadium Karachi and unfortunately the ground is in darkness for many years. His tussles with extreme fast bowlers were great to watch. His batting being copied by many players and they become great, one of the biggest example is Sehwag. Many cricket coaches give example of his brilliance, passion and hard-work to their apprentice. Many ups and down had come in his cricketing career but he stay consistent. He gets out on a duck against Australia in WC final in 2003 and Indian crowd went down on the first ball of second inning. But he wok hard and scored tons of centuries and such that he now attains the title of having a total of hundred 100’s in all formats of cricket.

Why in the world there is only Tendulkar who did that? The answer lies in question and that is… Tendulkar. He is not a legend of India but a fable of cricket.  Many players in the world who are superstars of their teams and are unable to perform need to learn from him. Player like Shahid Khan Afridi who has created his reputation as a darling of cricket need to learn from him of how to attain his form back? ShaneWarne learns alot from Abdul Qadir. Azhar-ud-dinn learns a lot from Zaheer abbas and many are learning a lot from Tendulkar not only batting but the art of being on the top.

But he will be retiring. Will it affect Indian Batting line-up? Many gurus said that Kholi, Rohit, Gambhir and Raina have shaped up to take care of Indian batting. Many upcoming players looks promising such as Rahanne. But it will be a real test of India when they go to play test cricket in Austarlia and England.

India had won One day World cup 2011 which was one of the wish of Indian Batsman to make in his cricketing career. He has scored 100 centuries in his international cricket career.What will be his last wish before retiring from International cricket?

I am desperate to know..

I just end the post by quotation of Andy flower on Sachinwhich is one of my favorite quotation about Sachin.
“There are 2 kind of batsmen in the world. One Sachin Tendulkar. Two all the others” 🙂

Favorites For T20 World Cup

Before talking about the T20 worldcup and their favorites let us look upon a match played between Pakistan and Australia which Pakistan won by a super over. A match which every Pakistani and Australians will remember at least for a month as T20 world cup is coming up in 10 days and both the teams have the ability to uplift the trophy in Srilanka. And one of them if do so, will perish these memories. The match was with all the melodies and lyrics which made it a Perfect T20 match. We found aggressive bowling, decent batting and some brilliant catches and run outs. All in all it was a perfect T20 match for the teams before entering in to the mega event starting from September 18. Let us back on the topic.

Australians reached in to the finals in the last T20 world cup held in West Indies in which they were outclassed by England. As far as the Pakistan Cricket team is concern they were regarded as the most dangerous and favorite team in all the 3 T20 World Cup. From which they response brilliantly 1 out of 2 T20 World Cup held in England in which they beat Srilanka in the finals held in Lord’s.

This time the T20 world Cup is in Srilanka, first time in Asia. Before this it was held in South Africa, England and West Indies. And more likely 2 out of 3 times it was the Asians who lift up the trophy i.e Pakistan and India. More over in the first 2 T20 world cup the battle was held between the Asian teams in the finals except that of last.

The million dollar question is Who will win this time? In six years this is the fourth T20 world cup. Not a single team has won it twice in 3 out of them. The only team which came closer many times to this trophy was Pakistan.

There are many teams which are looking favorites for this year T20 World cup for many reasons. Also there are few reasons which  bothering them.


Yuvraj Singh is back after fighting against Cancer and he is regarded as the dangerous player in T20 format. His six Sixes against Straut Broad in South Africa is the proof of being dangerous. Let see if he do it again but this time he has to do it against Defending Champions and T20 captain of England. As far as there chances, it is high due to solid batting which is the demand of condition and they have nice bowling in shape of ZAK as there leading striker and Ashwin who has improved a lot. They have played lots of matches in Srilanka. Their captain is one of the most experience T20 captain in the world. There are some players who are out of the show in this year T20 world cup like Sreesanth, Rp-Singh and Joginder Sharma. May be if you are a non-Indian you were not familiar with the last name. But he is the one who bowls the last over in the first T20-world cup final. In the last 2 T20 World cup the biggest reason of India not responding well was they played too many T20 matches in IPL and were exhausted. This time they don’t have the reason to hide their mistakes. Perhaps, If they won this time, they will do it second time, which will be the first time in T20 World cup history.


England now regarded as the one of the best teams in all formats of Cricket.

But the biggest thing which might bother them greatly is not having World best T20 player- Kevin Pietersen in this mega event. As he admitted that he will not play any T20 matches and ODI’s and will concentrate only on Test matches. Further,  ECB didn’t listen to him when he changes his decision. They are the defending champions so they really will work hard to defend it although conditions will be some what stranger to them. Besides that they will have high hopes from Morgan, Swan and their captain. This will really be a big task for England this year to win the trophy on Asian soil.

If you ask the million Dollar question from any one in the world who loves and follow cricket will say that Pakistan can win it.  Saeed Ajmal who has pick the most wickets  in T20 equal to Shahid Khan Afridi is the magician and many teams are finding it difficult to pick his doosra. He is also predicted as the player of the tournament by Shane Warne. Moreover Pakistan T20 squad looking to be one of the most experienced T20 squad comparing to others as many players have participated in one of the T20 world cup in past.

Their Captain who is called to be the Professor  is having high hopes. Things which can struck them pretty hard is that this is the fourth T20 World cup in 6 years and he is surprisingly 4th captain despite of the presence of other two T20 captains Afridi and Malik in the team. Secondly the batting order doesn’t seems to be thrifty as of India, South Africa and others, they can put a decent total on the board 2 out of 4 times but it will be hard to chase a decent total i.e one out of three times. Their bowling All rounders are responding better than the batting ones. All in all they need few batsman who can play like Viru or Gayle or Kohli which may put or chase a big total. Considering about the conditions in Srilanka they are quite familiar with it. Moreover their Group is the toughest one containing New Zealand to whom they have lost a match in the 2011 One day world cup and just after which Shoaib Akhtar has announced his retirement. Also Bangladeshis who have given tough time in the finals of Asia cup this year.


If you see the ICC ratings then you will find that Aussies Suck they are now at spot no. 10 in ICC ratings. They have a new and inexperienced captain George Baily. But that is not some thing which Aussie should bother as India is also at No. 7. The thing which can bother them the most is the conditions of Srilanka and spinners such as Ashwin, Herath and Jadugar Ajmal. The fast bowling of Aussies is pretty good despite of the absence of Brett Lee. Yet they have palyers who can change the game for Aussies like Hussey Brothers, Warner and Watson makes a good combination and have experience bowler Bradd Hogg. They reach to the finals in the last T20 world cup let see if they could clinch more if they do then it will not only make them T20 champions but also a confidence booster for them in ODI’s and Test matches. In the world of Cricket Australians despite of not winning the T20 world cup in the past are regarded to be the dangerous as they are the most hard working team.

South Africa:

Although ranking doesn’t matter but if you are at No.1 in all formats of Cricket that concerns a lot. They lose their top place in the ODI’s recently and move down to 2 but are able to get up back. They have one of the best all rounders in the world Kallis. Their fielding is regarded to be the best in cricket. They have a brilliant fast bowler like Dale Steyn who can be the leading T2o wicket takers just like Malinga and Ajmal, if fast bowlers get support. Their Squad have mixture of experienced and fresh players. But they have never won a World cup despite of these things and that is really bothering them despite of such brilliant prolific team. They reach to the Semi Finals of T20 world cup held in England. They have the ability to win the big trophies but unfortunately they were unable to do that up till now. In all just keep an eye they might break the shell this time.


They are the ones who are known with the conditions very well. Their Bowling line up has the yorker specialist Lasith Malinga along with Prassana who bowls pretty well in the depth of the overs along with Herath the head of Spin department. Their Batting line up is pretty good and have one of the best fielding team in Asia. They reach to the finals in the second T20 world cup and not only that they are also the finalist of past two one day world cup which shows their consistency. Moreover SLPL was a hit for Srilanka Cricket Board, which also boost players to get ready for the mega event. This will be the golden chance of Srilanka to win this T20 world cup. And if they won they will be the first to win T20 world cup in their home and Second in the world to win a world cup in home. India won the one day world cup 2011  of whose final held in Mumbai.

West Indies:

After a long tough years for West Indies Cricket Board they are back of being the favorites of this format. They lost the opportunity which Srilankans now have it. But this time their chances of winning the T20 world cup is also high as compare to the last ones. Chris Gayle is regarded to be the most dangerous player of the tournament from his bat. He has score many hundreds in Leagues and he is the one who knows the Asian condition pretty well he has score hundreds in IPL and BPL. And more also he has score hundred for his team in this format. Other players who will be playing an important role for them is Sunil Narine he was one who contributed for KKR and make them to win the IPL last season. Pollard is another big name in T20 who can play cameo innings for them. Their captain Darren Sammy can do the same. Also player  like Ravi Rampaul, André Russell, Marlon Samuels, Lendl Simmons and Dwayne Smith can be really handy and can play a good role for making West Indies a T20 champion.

New Zealand:

Their chances don’t seems to be pretty high as compare to others. Their group has the two Asian teams one is Pakistan and other is Bangladesh which makes their group the toughest one for them. As Bangladesh has been in to the finals in the Asia Cup which creates their reputation high in Asia. The thing which makes New Zealand pretty dangerous is that they have got some fine players which make them a team which can defeat or creates some problems for the opponents. Like Jacob Oram who has shown magical performance in the final for UVA next in SLPL. So it will be one of the toughest group of the tournament as far as the teams are concern. And one has to go early from the tournament.


After a fine success of BPL which shows fine result in Asia cup Bangladeshis are determined to create a good show in this year T20 world cup. Their opening batsman Tamim Iqbal is one of the dangerous batsman of Asia as far as his batting is concern and has shown a good performance in SLPL for Wayamba United. Along with Shakib-ul-hasan who is a darling for Bangladesh will be a tough nuts to bite.

Their is a very slim chances of Zimbawe, Afghanistan and Ireland to win the World cup as their groups look pretty tough for them. Maybe one of them could surprise us by a major up set from big teams. Let us see, Still 10 days to go for the Start of the fouth T20 world cup.
I throw the million Dollar question on you.

Who do you think will win the T20 World Cup?

Do Comment!

Cricket Rivals are Back

One of the intense rivalry of sports India vs Pakistan are back in action. But cricket lovers have to show some patience as this will start end of this year, 2012.

“Cricket is back between Pak and India”

Pakistan cricket team will tour India later this year for 3 One day Internationals and 2 Twenty Twenty matches. The series is too short and sadly not  a single test match is in the schedule. Sadly after the Mumbai attacks there were no bilateral series arranged between these two rivalries and after 5 years break these two teams will be back. This was not only the efforts of Pakistan Cricket Board and BCCI but also the government of Pakistan urged Indian government to think about the bilateral series. And in result a very positive response given by them. More than 1 billion people are waiting for this series to get start as soon as possible. Although this year Olympics is all set to start later this month and yes also the T20 World cup but the charisma and intensity between these two teams are distinct. Many people in India as well in Pakistan are waiting to see the Teesra of Saeed Ajmal, flamboyant Shahid Afridi, Yuvraj Singh, Young guns Asad Shafiq, Azhar Ali, Virat Kholi and MurliVijay, Legendary Batsman Sachin Tendulkar, fast bowlers Sami, ZAK and Gul and not the least Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik. 😀

Many will be missed such as Kumble, Shoaib Akhtar, Inzamam, Dravid, Yousuf and Ganguly.

Let us hope that the series get started without any obstruction and hurdle and we will see an excitement and thrill between Pakistan and India not only in India but also in Pakistan.

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