Not are the tigers of test Match..

This is a picture which I found on the front page of leading newspaper of Pakistan (Dawn).

The Pic looks great with dashing pose of Shahid Afridi and Umer Akmal along with slingy Malinga and Jayawardane.

But the story is not end yet, according to concept of this ad Pakistan cricket team will fight back after loosing the ODI series against Srilanka last week, and will take the revenge of it. But who will take the revenge Shahid Afridi and Umer akmal. Shahid Afridi has retired from test format as every fan of Pak cricket knows, moreover Umer Akmal is also not in the test squad. These were from Paksitan and from Srilanka, Malinga is not also the part of test team. Thank God Mahela is playing.LOL..

This is really a mistake and doesn’t seems good from a cricket loving nation.

Maybe it is a small thing in front of Malik Riaz case,but job is job…

Do comment…………


In Fiasco.

Just a few days before when we watch a leak video   which was the published all over the media and a confusing structure is made regarding media. Many things haven been placed in such a way that it is difficult to gulped.First of all this looks pretty unprofessional, what I mean is that we see Amir Liaquat’s video after such an act how could this be happen,mean one of the richest person of Pakistan is giving an interview (Malik Riaz) and there was not any precaution by him,WOW hats off.

Now how the views has been taken from opposing sides, on One place Geo Anchors are saying that punishments should be given I recently watch Ayesha Buttcha Interview ‘Lekin’, In which Mr Hamid Mir was present. The motto was that both were first embarrassed by the paid politicians regarding their profession and then were saved that although in this all dirt you people are not involved. WoW… on the other hand Dunya News is giving justifications on the leak video.

I heard from Mr. Gillani that “Koylay ki Kaan main kaam karnay walon kay hath to kaalay hotay hain”. And yes sir that is true but you people also have expensive hand wash and skin specialist  who clear this all without leaving behind any disposals.

Media Anchors, reporters and  journalist all have links with government officials and definitely ” Sohbat ka asar to parta hai”. A show which has taken the most popularity i.e Hasbehaal in which Anchor told that ” Main ya koi bhi bara anchor aaj agar baray channels main betha hua hai to kissi na kissi paway ki wajah say hai na kssi merit ki wajha say hai”. Media people always shout for the Merit in governmnet sector but what about the criteria in their own professions.

Yes there are good channels also why not to count them and many anchors who are very brilliant.

The brilliancy is not to do cross question but also a style to deliver your question and your patience to listen it. I did not see host which give people a mean time to say this could be because they don’t have the smartness to do that or may be some kind of pressure of doing that.

TRP  of a channel might raised by people like jasmine who shouts but that’s a temporary and seriously watching there program mes you cant sleep peace fully, LOL…

There is not always we need masala we need some good and profound interviews which make people to think not to get them confused.

I would like to have suggestions on this topic.

Planning to make IT university in Pakistan

Information technology is concerned with the modern conduit of education and is a prerequisite of this epoch. Something which increases awareness saves times and money is definitely a pretty important thing in this time period. For this the chief minister of Punjab has taken the step of making an IT university in Pakistan which is a positive move for Pakistan IT industry and collating with Turkey finest university Middle East technical university is something real great for Pakistan foreign relations. Pakistan politicians definitely have realized that the time is near when the weapon is internet and the currency is information. But it is not enough!

In engineering/medical University you give a student admission by his caliber of what he has done in pre engineering/medical exams and what he has write in test, In case of IT, it is totally a different environment. IT industry runs with bright minds there is no doubt in it but we have to know that people like Steve jobs, Bill gates, Mark Zukerberg and yes Arfa Karim and dozens others were not the toppers of their institutions. In short we need nerds.

IT is a vast industry things which are related in it like Computer system design, Internet telecommunication and data processing, Communication equipment manufacturing and others. These things requires not only nerds but rich people also. Commitment of nerds with their work is not only key for Pakistan IT hub but we need rich ones to participate, for all be in charge,  this is an industry you need contribution financially also. But, the exciting thing is, all you need are the people. If you could attract a critical mass of nerds and investors to live somewhere, you could produce an IT Hub . And both groups are highly movable. They’ll go where life is good. So what makes a place good to them? What nerds like are other nerds. Smart people will go wherever other smart people are. And in particular ,  to great universities. In theory there could be other ways to attract them, but so far universities seem to be vital. Within the Pakistan, there are no technology hubs without first-rate universities– or at least, first-rate computer science departments.

Constructing office buildings for technology companies won’t get you a silicon valley, Nvida, Oracle because the key stage in the life of a startup happens before they want that kind of space. The key stage is when they’re three guys operating out of an apartment. Wherever the startup is when it gets funded, it will stay. The defining quality of Silicon Valley is not that Intel or Apple or Google have offices there, but that they were started there.

Oracle office

However, merely creating a new university would not be enough to built an IT hub in Pakistan. The university is just the seed. It has to be planted in the right soil, or it won’t germinate. To set off , your university has to be in a town that has attractions other than the university. It has to be a place where investors want to live, and students want to stay after they graduate.

So, Shehbaz Sharif if you really want to plant a seed for hub of IT industry please do care of the attraction of the university. Now how to identify a bore, well let me help you:

1.  They will do hiking rather than dancing and singing.

2.  They really don’t care about glamour.

3.  They pay for bookshops rather than fashionable clothes.

4.  They prefer cafes rather than clubs.

5.  They seek pleasure in silence, but they manage to live in a noisy place where smart people lives.

6.  They really don’t care about haircutting, but they do care of their profile picture.

‘If you like to add any thing or any suggestion do here!’

One of the olde…


One of the oldest style of baking bread which show us the art and hardwork which is still adopted in certain parts of Peshawar and also in Pakistan. The taste of the bread is too good makes you too eat more food than your daily routine.

This is a hardworking job and requires a lot of energy specially in the months of summer when you don’t want to get in front of scorching beams of sunlight.A man who works day and night in the temperature which climbs above 40’s,just to provide others to get delicious nans.

Siachen: Highest Battle Ground On Earth OR Peace Park

Siachen means a land of abundance of roses, Sia means roses and chen means abundance.
Just in the north of the Line of Control of India and Paksitan , Siachen glaciers is located.
It is the longest glacier in the Karakoram and the second longest in the world’s polar areas.
It is also known as the highest battleground on the earth about 6000 m.
There have been many military operations by India and Pakistan and both claim their autonomy over entire Siachen district. Its geographical location has made that place to be unpopulated and desolated.
The climatic condition in Siachen is so harsh that many soldiers have been died due to weather rather combating each other.


The place where crows don’t dare to go in winter.












The army lives on the glacier with many constraints and resource chomp. Supplies are taken up by helicopters and there is always shortage of air transport, sometimes even to bring down an injured. Under such trying circumstances it was hardly surprising that the glacier was not in best of the environmental condition. With so many humans living on the glacier the accumulation of garbage was in abundance. Much of garbage was put into crevasses or dumped on rocks and snow. In winters all this is covered under at least 5 m (40 feet) of snow and the entire area appears a beautiful white sheet. But in summer all the cans, drums and human waste surface and litter is seen everywhere.  Worst offenders are tetra packs in which fruit juices are delivered on the glacier. These aluminium foils, which cannot be burnt or destroyed, line the routes which are traversed and are a major eye-sore. A pipeline is laid on the Glacier to pump thousands of litres of kerosene for troops to survive. But when a connection breaks or pipe bursts hundreds of litres of kerosene is spilled  on to the snows of the Siachen leading to a major hazard.

Army cannot burn the garbage on the glacier, it cannot be destroyed there or be brought down. At the same time the area has to be defended and the army has to stay there. What should be the solution to this environmental problem ?

Rose plants, which are strong and grow near the snout have also suffered. Many were cut and their stems used as decorative pieces or even as tent-pegs ! Attention of the army was drawn to this and they have assured that the rose plants will be declared as a rare species and no harm will be done to them in future. This will be a wonderful beginning and the army can build on this for full environmental protection of the glacier. The ultimate solution will of course be to end the war but till then under the present situation utmost care must be taken not to damage the environment further.

Wild roses along the Nubra lend colour to the snow-clad hills in Siachen.

The Himalayas, born 70 million years ago, stretch for 2500 km across eight countries, cover 3.4 million km2, and are home to 30 million indigenous peoples.  They are the water tower for millions of people, providing the source of the Indus, Ganges, Jamuna , Brahmaputra, Hwang Ho, Yangtze Kiang and many others.  The cost of this operation is about Rs. 5 crores a day.  This is about 50 times higher than the costs to Pakistan, which has easier access by road, with much lower base camps (9000 ft.)  and with posts at lower altitudes (up to 15,000 ft.).  Though less expensive than India’s operation, it is yet a heavy expenditure.  For both countries,  this is an intolerable drain.  They are not rich countries, with a fifth of the world’s population but a half of the world’s poor. It is not easy to imagine the pollution caused by thousands of men living up there, with every item of necessity being flown in.  Cans, drums, tetra packs of fruit juices, aluminium packaging: this can neither be burnt, nor destroyed nor taken back.  Imagine the human waste.  This amounts to over 1000 kgs.  a day; it is packed in metal drums and dropped into crevasses – up to 4000 drums a year.  This, together with hundreds of tons of garbage, will then be our legacy to future generations when the glacier finally reaches the end of its journey.

A few question to be asked from both India and Pakistanis government:

  1. Do you have the right to destroy one of the Himalaya’s most majestic areas before

leaving it to future generations?

2.    Do you have the right to despoil the country without the leave of the local peoples?

3.    Do you have the right to degrade the mountains which are the source of water for millions?

4.    Do you have the right to turn the Abode of the Gods into a nightmare landscape?

Something to be learned from Other Nations of the World:

  1. La Amistad Peace Park between Costa Rica and Nicaragua
  2. Peace Park on both sides of the Evros River between Greece and Turkey
  3. Hungary, Yugoslavia and Croatia agreed to establish a cross-border nature reserve, while in February 2000, Albania, Greece and Macedonia announced the Establishment of the Prespa Park.

Even the crows would not dare to go to Siachen during the winter. Why couldn’t India and Pakistan come to an agreement to keep the Siachen heights unmanned as they were till 1984? Former Prime Minister A.B. Vajpayee seemed to plead for the jawan when he wrote in his poem, Never Place Me So High: “On a very high mountain, trees cannot take root/ Plants do not grow, grass will not survive/ Only snow remains/ White as the shroud and cold as death.” 

The creation of the Siachen Peace Park would not only preserve a spectacular mountain region;  it would defuse an armed stand-off, ease political tensions, facilitate further agreement between India and Pakistan, and represent a tremendous saving in resources.  The ibex and the snow leopard would return, the roses would bloom again. Thankfully the wheels of peace are moving positively and for several months (at the time of writing) there has been a complete ceasefire in Kashmir, and particularly on the heights of the Siachen.  The trans-boundary park could be a positive force in cementing the peace and rehabilitating an environment in which ibexes and snow leopards can roam and the wild Sia bloom. Then mountaineers can return to this majestic landscape redolent with the romance of early exploration. There is too, an ambition among climbers from both nations that we will be able to walk up the glacier and, with a shake of hands at the border pass, bring that spirit of comradeship displayed on the Mönch to reality on the Siachen glacier. The Siachen issue was part of the memo when President Asif Ali Zardari visited India last month to hold an informal meeting with Indian Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh. Media reports suggested that the two sides are looking into prospects of declaring the glacier as a military-free zone.

‘Information has taken from Siachen-booklet’

Aman Ki Asha

India and Pakistan are two rich cultured and self esteemed country in the sub-continent; Besides having same likes and dislike,pros and cons and mutual benefits they don’t get settle on a note of peace. As a neighborhood, countries take a lot of advantages from each other China is taking a lot of advantage from India as well as Pakistan. Having highly skilled labor;good engineers,doctors,scientist and entrepreneurs  they are taking great advantages all around the world.If India and China,China and Pakistan have no problems of doing such a great deals beside language culture difference why Pakistanis and Indians have so big problem. We can understand each other language, have same interest (watching cricket and movies),have same problems(Poverty and malnutrition) and so on and on..but still what we found that Indians do 2% of import from Pakistan and Pakistan do 6% of import with them,People who lives outside Asia even in Asia definitely think that what a stupid neighborhood they are.

A step of Aman Ki asha has taken to over come the problems and dispute between two nations. Mr chisti arrival in its homeland after 20 years from India’s jail shows the sign of peace. And all people here and across the border are seeking (asha kar rahay hain) to get peace and glory.

May Allah Bless both the nation with peace,love and respect for each other.