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A speedy Metro Bus System In Lahore

Viewing from Karachi I am a bit jealous from the Project of Metro Bus System Lahore. But although feel proud as a Pakistani. Almost US $27372270.00 spend in this Speedy Mass transit project. These buses will cover almost 27 km a distance and then start doing the same for about 16 hours a day. The bus fare is also very cheap about PKR. 20 almost one fifth of a dollar to travel 27 Km distance with in 55 minutes which would take 2 hours to cover it by car due to heavy traffic.



The Inauguration of this service was held today and many foreign personalities were the guest in the inauguration. The service will be free for the first four weeks for all ordinary people that’s a big bonus. More than that it will decrease the traffic flow from the roads plus the emission of CO2 will get decreased from a populated city. Although in the mean time of construction there was a lot of mismanagement occurred during its construction and heavy traffic jammed occurred. But at last it ended and now it shaped in to speedy transport system.

This is not the end of the efficient transportation system also more work is required for the maintenance for modes such as railway system which is very fragile and building other system such as Subway System which is now become the need for the populated city like Karachi.


Bar-Code Co-Inventor Norman Woodland Dies


Norman Joseph woodland dies at the age of 91 due to the effect of Alzheimer’s disease on Sunday. He was the co-inventor of bar-code along Bernard Silver who died in 1963. Woodland has earned a mechanical engineer degree but dropped out from his graduate school to work on bar code idea.

In 1999, he told Smithsonian magazine (according to the New York Times) how he came up with the bar-code:

“What I’m going to tell you sounds like a fairy tale. I poked my four fingers into the sand and for whatever reason — I didn’t know — I pulled my hand toward me and drew four lines. I said: Golly! Now I have four lines, and they could be wide lines and narrow lines instead of dots and dashes.”

Mr Woodland's original 1952 patent for the bar code circular allowing it to be scanned from any direction.
Mr Woodland’s original 1952 patent for the bar code circular allowing it to be scanned from any direction.

They both submitted their patent for the bar-code which was more like a bull’s eye. The Patent issued in 1952. They sold their patent for $15000.

In the early 1970s, Mr. Woodland moved to Raleigh to join a team at IBM’s Research Triangle Park, N.C., facility.

The team developed a bar-code-reading laser scanner system in response to demand from grocers’ desires to automate and speed checkout while also cutting handling and inventory management costs.

In 1992, Woodland, was awarded the National Medal for Technology and Innovation, the highest U.S. honor for technological achievement, by President George H.W. Bush.

He took retirement in the year 1987 from IBM.

Ponting Retires from Cricket

Last Biggest Victory For Aussies.
Last Biggest Victory For Aussies.

On 19 December 2012 Ricky Ponting will get 38. His retirement from cricket has nothing to do with his age; perhaps his reflexes were not as same as they were. He is the only captain who has 3 World-cup trophies in his pocket and is the only captain of Australia who won the Ashes series 5-0. Woww.. He started his test career in the month of December; at that time I was exactly two years old. And ends in December against South Africans. May be the ideal time for his retirement could be the same as of Glenn Mcgrath and Hayden but he strives for more although he didn’t lift the trophy of WC 2011.

He is the only player in the world who is involved in 100 test match victories. The man is pretty lucky for Australia. He was not only the élite batsman of Australia but a superb fielder and captain. His fielding will always remain exemplary for youngsters, he rarely missed the chance of a run-out. His body-language on the field frightened the opposition.

After the era of great batsman like Miandad, Botham, Waugh, Chappel and Gavaskar another era is breaching towards end which involves Dravid, Inzamam, Laxman, Ponting, Tendulkar and Kallis. Though Kallis and Tendulkar thirst is not yet ended. But sooner they also have to say good-bye to test cricket.

Many controversies occur in the cricketing period of punter for which he was fined but he remained strong and has come out of the problems. He was fined for 1000 dollars for the allegation that he misbehave with Indian woman in India. But nothing creates any turbulence in his cricketing flow.

He will be missed in Cricketing history as a great batsman, fielder and captain of Australia and all eyes were now on the Micheal Clarke to whom the torch is forwarded. The last two captain of Australia has played 168 test matches and has batting average of around 52. Clarke’s average is same as of the above two but has to prove his captaincy to place his name under them. 🙂

Unforgettable Fire in Karachi

After the disastrous incident on 9/11 in Pakistan’s biggest city Karachi in which almost 289 people were killed. Pakistan’s government should take immediate actions on lots of things in which there is a lot to do on by-laws actions and moreover disaster management. The biggest reason came up in front of us is the biggest negligence  and low safety standards which is not only found in that single garment factory but also in many factories in Pakistan and many in Karachi.

An Unwanted Occasion on 9/11

The time has gone when government and it’s officials were saying that there were limited or few resources to control the disaster. Don’t tell me that there was not enough water as just few hours ago you splashed tons on water from water cannons on a rally which was against a 3rd graded movie. Factories and Industries in Pakistan needs a special attention which unfortunately getting the worst from every aspect. In factories and Industries there must take utmost care about the best working conditions of workers, disaster management or Emergency management and on healthy environment.  Unfortunately in many factories of Pakistan we find a lot of problems on the issues which creates such a disaster which is unbearable to watch. There was no strategic planning or neither any attempt found to save the people when the factory becomes a hell. In Pakistan you can’t expect any integrated solution of a problem like these and found helpless in front of corruption.

But this will not make things to get silence, all in all 289 people were killed in one single building which shows the mismanagement, helplessness and non-strategic behavior of concern departments.

Lots of things need to be changed in which the major step should be taken to terminate the license of all the factories which have a deadly condition, gives an image of a hell and is not up to the laws.

There should also given lectures on disaster management to the people working in factories and if possible should given the lesson of fire fighting. The learning of owners of factories and industrialist not get end up after starting the industry. They need to learn about providing health and safety conditions, construction of green buildings or less of it need to hire a person who take care of these things.

We all hope that in future we are able to fight against such a disaster and will decrease the after effects as much as possible.


Engineer’s Day In India

If you are living in India don’t forget to say Happy Engineer’s Day to your engineering fellow. Today on 15th of September, Engineer’s day is celebrated all over the India in the respect of “Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya”, a notable Indian Engineer, who was born on 18th September 1860.

Remember 3 Idiots..

In India many young and upcoming “Engineering students” are inspired from 3 Idiots, a movie release some years ago, which gets viral all over India. And a prove, is this video in which four engineering students not three as in movie, in Mumbai have made a quadrophonic that flies by a remote control and have won a competition in an engineering college in Kanpur.

India is the country from where every year tons of engineering graduates pass out. And many Indian Engineering students are found in top Engineering universities around the world. India it self have a world-class universities in which IIT is known world-wide. The admission criteria of the university is very tough as millions of students take part in the Admission test. Such a university have produce brilliant students in the past who are working in world wide as well in India where we found mobility from government towards engineering in recent years. A few months ago an IITian was offered a job of Rs. 70 lakh by 9 billion dollar firm- Twitter. He was interviewed from San Fransisco while he was dwelling in India in front of his PC. He was not the position holder but was well enough to meet it. “Sitting in Delhi on a computer, I was trying my best to reply to the queries of software engineers of Twitter,” he said. Once the technical interviews were over, an Indian manager of the social networking site took another interview in Delhi on May 30 and two days later, I was told that they were hiring me, Later they mailed me the offer letter signed by the chief technical officer of Twitter with an annual package of $1,30,000 per annum. Inclusive of bonus, it is about Rs 70 lakh.” He said. But he has bigger dreams. “Being confined to a job isn’t my goal. I have friends working with Google and Facebook. Sometime in the future, we’d like to set up our own company.” Also many firms in India is uprooting Engineering and investing to create easiness in the life of people as Engineering is all bout creating safety and easiness to people. The biggest example of it is the Rs1 lakh car found on Indian roads known as Tata Nano which is the best vehicle for a family of 4-5. Also some thing like Aakash-2 Tablet which really is a good step towards Engineering and comforting people.

 But the sad thing about Engineering in India is the less focus of upcoming students on oldest engineering branch, “Civil Engineering”.
An article read in New york Times in which the main clause was the lack of interest of upcoming students in civil engineering.
“Young Indians’ preference for software over steel and concrete poses an economic conundrum for India. Its much-envied information technology industry generates tens of thousands of relatively well-paying jobs every year. But that lure also continues the exodus of people qualified to build the infrastructure it desperately needs to improve living conditions for the rest of its one billion people — and to bolster the sort of industries that require good highways and railroads more than high-speed Internet links to the West.”
Since there is lack of interest and passion towards civil engineering so it hurts the quality.  An executive Mr. Sujay Kalele said; “If we need 10 good-quality civil engineers, we may get four or five.”
Also India leading Construction L&T said,”You don’t get the best quality in civil engineers, because today the first choice for students is other branches of engineering, said K. P. Raghavan, an executive vice president in L.& T.’s construction division. “We are compensating with lots of training.”
Also the reason behind this is the first payment given to fresh civil engineers is not well enough.  About six thousand dollar annually given to a fresh civil engineers and that is from a good Private firm not from government sector. Also the other reason of not well growth of Civil Engineering, is the huge corruption which is a big problem not only in India but of many countries.
Well lets hope the problem get solved soon. And yes to all of you “Happy Engineer’s day.”

Water Kit-Profaning Law Of Thermodynamics

Just few days ago I heard a news that an Engineer belonging to Interior Sindh Mr. Agha Waqar and his team, invented a kit by which a car can run up to 40 km on 1 liter of water. Oh wow so it means gas and oil problems are solved. From now on wards we will be making  dams and barrages to store large amount of water for water kit cars. The Water Kit and the engineer gets more of media coverage while not a single recognized engineering university took part in to this project. Many eminent Pakistani scientist and engineer have congratulated and later took part in to this after its coverage and said that it is perfectly fine. Many media personalities think that it will change the image of Pakistan in the world and the unwanted tags will be removed sooner.


When I was in my first year of engineering, I study Applied Thermodynamics in which I learn that every machine obeys Second law of thermodynamics. And the kit works against it.

According to the statement of Law of Thermodynamics stated by Lord Kelvin

“No process is possible in which the sole result is the absorption of heat from a reservoir and its complete conversion into work.”

Any engineer or scientist will not belief on the efficiency of water kit when obeying law of thermodynamics. Few people have called it a mockery of physics and if it is completely absurd than it will add tag of scam under the name of Pakistan. However in few people there is renowned man Professor Atta-ur-Rehman who opposed it and openly challenged the engineer and said that it is all rubbish and in past these acts were happened however science is based upon both theoretical and practical knowledge so it can’t be fooled for a long term. And both of them are essential for inventions and innovations. As far as practical done by the car is concerned if there is some effort shown by the pathan engineer in that water kit than it will be fully examined in research lab under the supervision of engineers and scientist who will open each and every part of it and find out the phenomenon behind it. Considering about the engineers, scientist and media personalities who were attached to it and praised it might not freshen or add technicalities in to their knowledge.

In future if we find any such kits or gadgets so first they must be properly examined and then brought up in to the market or else embarrassment have to be faced which surely no nation could afford. However, every nation is looking for miracles to overcome their energy crises and other problems related to it. But it is also equally important to handle  these things in a polite and smart way which was absent in this case.

Let us see how much weight does this water kit own and what will be the future of phenomenon of running cars on water? Aside from this.

What are your thoughts on it?

Do Comment here.

Does an engineering student need to spend extra time on English language skills?

Most people think that Engineers don’t write  and when they gear up for that they end up on writing a theory or a formula. In short they don’t write. According to a report that only 57% of engineering students can write correct English sentences. And surely most of this data improved when Engineering student start using Facebook or Twitter :). Also in that report it states that 25% of  them find difficulty in writing letters and day to day conversation. The survey was done in 250 engineering colleges of India and India is one of the country which produce largest amount of Engineers in an year.

This is somewhat an Alarming situation for Engineering Society not only in Asia but all parts of the world. May be in America they don’t find difficulty in speaking but many have problems in writing a good business letter. The biggest reason in India is somewhat students in half of their academic life study in there local language and giving English second priority.

In Engineering jobs the language plays an important role not from now but since last 10-15 yeas. There was a time when IT jobs were also given considering more about English accent than the IT knowledge but somewhat it was not a good long lasting idea.

In the Publication ‘Achieving the Vision for Civil Engineering in 2025’ in which they regard Civil Engineer as a future leader who will be the problem solver. So as a leader it is very important to have great communication skills there are tons of examples in front of you. It is not only English but somewhat other languages you should need to have command which helps you a lot in engineering sites. Like in Dubai or Saudi Arabia where Arabic is given an equal importance in compare to English in International forum. So it will be excellent to be proficient in more than 2 languages in future.


Do you think that Engineering student need to spend an extra time on language skills preferably English as being the international language?