Me And My Blog

Hey It’s great to see you. This is Muhammad Anas Abbas official blog

you will find post related to

Sports(cricket specially)

Engineering(civil engineering mostly)


Social Media

and lots more..

Thanks for visiting….



2 thoughts on “Me And My Blog”

  1. Hi,

    I’m one of the co-founders at Switch-Hit a fantasy cricket portal. We’re gearing up for the IPL and looking to partner with people who share our passion for cricket. We’re looking for cricket content writers that can go on our blog. We already have similar partnerships with our current bloggers and our friends at along the seam.

    The plan is to cross promote your blog and Switch-hit and link content. Meaning we’ll host specific articles from you on our blog and give you full credit to make sure your name/brand gets more visibility. In return we expect you to will cross promote the same content via your channels mentioning Switch-Hit and may be even create an open league for IPL and post the URL on your Blog, Twitter and FB where your followers and fans can join and compete. This will achieve a couple of goals – our visitors will start reading your articles and viceversa, which will eventually help increase viewership.

    Let us know your thoughts. I really believe this partnership will be mutually beneficial and fun!


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