Moving to football from cricket for a while

Before doing that act I just want say congrats to India for winning comprehensively in Semi Finals and cruising to the finals of fifth T20 world cup.

Football is not as popular as Cricket in Asia. But it has a good amount of numbers following from Asian countries specially Pakistan. Football in Pakistan is a very popular game specially in the streets of Karachi. And in Karachi specifically in Lyari a very intense place of the city. As we all know that #StreetChildWorldCup is going on in Brazil and the team which has impressed the most is of Pakistan. Street Children from Karachi which were few months wandering and may get the tags of criminals have become the stars of Pakistan and has impressed everyone from their performances. They beat India defending champions by 13-0 and now at the top of the group stage. I hope they cruise to the final and won the Street football world cup. A year ago BBC came to the street of Karachi and saw street kids playing football and their passion. At that moment no one thought that these kids could do this much big.

They don’t have big inspiration like in Cricket we have they don’t have that much facilities the way Cricket in Pakistan have but it now looks to grow faster and the day is not far when Pakistan team will play in FIFA World Cup.

The Sports minister and government should think about the passion of football players else things will be rotten the way it had and we only left with sorrow in the end.

Best Of Luck to Football in Pakistan…



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