Asia Cup Pakistan beat India by 1 wicket

It was Sunday and it was for Cricket. An excited match happened today between Pakistan and India. Pak won the toss decided to field first.

Crucial tactics:

Pak choose to chase (!!!And they did it!!!)

Talha was picked instead of Anwar Ali (!!! And it worked !!!)

Mishra was picked.. (!!! And it also worked!!!)

Crucial Moments

Dhawan and Kholi went early (!!! That’s why India didn’t make 300+!!!)

Misbah was run out (!!!Second time in the series and lucky for Pakistan as we won the last time!!!)

Boom Boom Shahid Afridi was batting in the last over (!!! And Alas he did it!!!)

Man of the Match was Muhammad Hafeez who scored 75 and picked 2 wickets. Though Pakistan won the match but it was not the match the way it deserve after mighty Indian batting line up restricted under 250 which never happen. Pakistan batsman have never won easily when ever they chase.

It was also called as a semi final i.e who ever win, will be in the final of Asia Cup. Even if Bangladesh win against Pakistan and India beat Afghanistan because of the extra point Pakistan earn against Afghanistan.


Another Meeting:

Pakistan will face India again shortly on 21 Mar 2014. And it will be in the T20 WC 2014.  India will have their captain back, MS Dhoni while Pakistan team skipper will be Muhammad Hafeez.

So we Can say that March is the Month for Cricket… And also there will be a match against Barcelona and Madrid on 23 March. So exciting news for football lovers too….


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