D-Chowk Jalsa will be the final over bowl by Imran Khan

Though its election not cricket. But the elections are going on in Pakistan one of the craziest nation of Cricket. And the person who is looking to be the winner of this election according to social media and other statistics is no other than Imran Khan. Imran Khan popularly known as IK in twitter world is finding a lot of support from people all over the Pakistan and world-wide.

This terrible incident occurs just a few days ago and put every Pakistani in a big shock. But it’s really fortunate that he is save now and will be addressing people in D-Chowk via Video Conference from Hospital.

This will be his last over in which he will pull every Pakistani to cast vote to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. He is so much determined that even after few hours when he fall from the lifter he addressed with the nation.

The elections will be held on 11 May and another surprising thing is that overseas Pakistanis can also vote in this year Elections 2013-Pakistan. So I hope that you people will cast your vote also.


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