TATA NANO CNG Version To Be Launched In Mid 2013

The World’s Cheapest Car has now its CNG version to be launched in June 2013. The ordinary man’s car has declined its sale in last year.The car being four years old has to be refreshed, he felt. The issue of transferring the plant from West Bengal and constructing a new plant which was the main reason for the bad sales of the car, the Chairman said. Ratan Tata’s baby car has been awarded as the most trusted car by Trust Research Advisory.

However the CNG+Petrol version Car will not be as cheaper as its first edition.

The spare tire and gas tank  in the front while the the battery is under the driver's seat.
The spare tire and gas tank in the front while the the battery is under the driver’s seat.

Currently testing is going in TATA Nano Diesel 800 cc Version which may be around 2.25 lakh IR. The car will be powered by an 800-cc twin-cylinder turbo-charged diesel engine. The diesel engine will be the World’s smallest diesel engine. But, it will be facing tough competition from Maruti Alto and Hyundai Eon.  Also the price of diesel will be an issue for the Diesel nano sales.


A speedy Metro Bus System In Lahore

Viewing from Karachi I am a bit jealous from the Project of Metro Bus System Lahore. But although feel proud as a Pakistani. Almost US $27372270.00 spend in this Speedy Mass transit project. These buses will cover almost 27 km a distance and then start doing the same for about 16 hours a day. The bus fare is also very cheap about PKR. 20 almost one fifth of a dollar to travel 27 Km distance with in 55 minutes which would take 2 hours to cover it by car due to heavy traffic.



The Inauguration of this service was held today and many foreign personalities were the guest in the inauguration. The service will be free for the first four weeks for all ordinary people that’s a big bonus. More than that it will decrease the traffic flow from the roads plus the emission of CO2 will get decreased from a populated city. Although in the mean time of construction there was a lot of mismanagement occurred during its construction and heavy traffic jammed occurred. But at last it ended and now it shaped in to speedy transport system.

This is not the end of the efficient transportation system also more work is required for the maintenance for modes such as railway system which is very fragile and building other system such as Subway System which is now become the need for the populated city like Karachi.

No Worries for Single Guys On Valentine’s Day

Yeah that’s right no worries if you are single on valentine day. You have lot to do than giving roses and gifts to your girlfriends on valentine day. For those who are singles not to worry as there is a lot of fun starting on 14th February.

As being single there are lots of similar hobbies like watching action movies, watching sports and etc. So guys there is a lot of fun on valentine’s day for singles.

For instance If you are a cricket follower and die-hard fan of Pakistan or South Africa so you should check out Pakistan Vs South Africa 2nd test match which will be starting on 14 Feb. Pakistan will try to come back in the series against No. 1 side in the world, gonna be cracking.

And if you don’t like cricket and you have interest in watching movies such as Die-hard than a bumper offer for you. Die hard 5 is releasing on 14th February. Well I have watch all the four parts and gonna watch this one too. The film shoots out at Moscow. In this movie John Mc-Clane (yeah Bruce Willis) tries to find and save his kid who has been indulged in to criminal activities. Check out the video for more…

Other than that you if you don’t like cricket and if you don’t watch action movies although the chances are less and if you have little interest in football than all of you guys fasten your seat belts its time now for UEFA Europa League. You will see Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham in action on 14 February.

UEFA Europa League

Well so guys what you think it’s good to be single as lots of action coming on 14 February?