Junior MasterChef-Pakistan, Is the Idea Marketable and Profitable?

Master Chef

In Pakistan we have two finest Cooking Channels and we have some great fan following of Chefs who work in it all around Pakistan and people around the world. People are enthusiastic about cooking in Pakistan that is for sure.  We have Diversity in our food. The taste and smell of Pakistani food such as Karahi, Biryani, Nargissi Koftay, Chargha, Gulab Jamun is delicious.  We have greatlist of food in sea food, Vege food as well as meat.Plus we have a big list of dessert.

Our taste buds are rich and it will remain same with the upcoming generation; as it is hereditary. But the idea and Passion  of cooking is not hereditary. In Pakistan not a single boy has dream of becoming a Master Chef. No one has the ideal like  Gordon Ramsay, Anthony Bourdain, Paul Bocuse and some dozens like them. People want their children to become Engineer, Doctor, Architect, Astronaut and etc.

Food is a part of a culture same as language and dress. And it speaks with taste. We must promote it and try to transfer it towards the upcoming generation. For creating the awareness; it is important to create some programmes in which we promote children to go in to the kitchen and cook some delicious and tasty food. Although this idea is blasted in Australia and Master Chef Junior-Australia does the same. I have seen some genius in the show which were cooking such a difficult foods and were caring about texture, taste and each and every thing which is wonderful and unbelievable to watch. Of course, they trained themselves and took cooking seriously like their studies.

Media Channels should try to work on this idea. Moreover it is not only the duty of ARY-Zauq or Masala channel. Any one can do this. This idea is more healthy, positive, marketable for our culture instead of buying and dubbing some Turkish or Indian dramas and airing whole day.Perhaps, investment is slightly bigger for the idea.  🙂


5 thoughts on “Junior MasterChef-Pakistan, Is the Idea Marketable and Profitable?”

  1. i am 14 years old and i watched junior masterchef asutralia season 1 and 2 and i am big fan of this show i want this show junior masterchef in pakistan too.

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