Rain in Karachi

Karachi WeatherIt is not very common about Karachi’s weather. You won’t find rain in Karachi very often, but today it happens and brings joy on the faces of Karachites. Rain is truly a blessing from almighty and Karachites are the ones who are always waiting for this blessing. Today, it wasn’t a heavy rain in Karachi, only it shows its signs on the roads and streets of Karachi by creating a little mess.

Rain changes the environment in Karachi as all the years we find a scorching beams of sunlight over our heads.In Karachi rain occurs twice or thrice a day in whole year. So it is like an Eid in Karachi. Today many people who were looking to go for offices and Schools gets freshen-up by the weather(as the rain continues to shower from 6:00 am to 9:00am).

Let us see if the weather may change in Karachi as the prediction is saying and we may find another rainy day in Karachi.


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