Ponting Retires from Cricket

Last Biggest Victory For Aussies.
Last Biggest Victory For Aussies.

On 19 December 2012 Ricky Ponting will get 38. His retirement from cricket has nothing to do with his age; perhaps his reflexes were not as same as they were. He is the only captain who has 3 World-cup trophies in his pocket and is the only captain of Australia who won the Ashes series 5-0. Woww.. He started his test career in the month of December; at that time I was exactly two years old. And ends in December against South Africans. May be the ideal time for his retirement could be the same as of Glenn Mcgrath and Hayden but he strives for more although he didn’t lift the trophy of WC 2011.

He is the only player in the world who is involved in 100 test match victories. The man is pretty lucky for Australia. He was not only the élite batsman of Australia but a superb fielder and captain. His fielding will always remain exemplary for youngsters, he rarely missed the chance of a run-out. His body-language on the field frightened the opposition.

After the era of great batsman like Miandad, Botham, Waugh, Chappel and Gavaskar another era is breaching towards end which involves Dravid, Inzamam, Laxman, Ponting, Tendulkar and Kallis. Though Kallis and Tendulkar thirst is not yet ended. But sooner they also have to say good-bye to test cricket.

Many controversies occur in the cricketing period of punter for which he was fined but he remained strong and has come out of the problems. He was fined for 1000 dollars for the allegation that he misbehave with Indian woman in India. But nothing creates any turbulence in his cricketing flow.

He will be missed in Cricketing history as a great batsman, fielder and captain of Australia and all eyes were now on the Micheal Clarke to whom the torch is forwarded. The last two captain of Australia has played 168 test matches and has batting average of around 52. Clarke’s average is same as of the above two but has to prove his captaincy to place his name under them. 🙂


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