Is Kasab’s Live More Important than of a Karachite?

A question to those who are demanding the execution of Sarabjeet Singh’s in reply of Kasab’s hanging. An article read in Times of India which shows Sarabjeet more innocent than Kasab and creating an effect that Imran’s statement about him is not logical that he should also be hanged. Regarding Sarabjeet, I don’t care what government of Pakistan do with him either they hang him or leave him the thing which matters me the most was Imran’s dialogue. I mean a person who is taking no action for saving the lives of Karachities against target killers neither working with local bodies on this issue is giving such an emotional statement doesn’t make a sense. His monument such as Shaukat Khanam Hospital and 1992 world cup will not last longer to win the next election in Pakistan.

Kasab is not as innocent as a person living in Karachi who shot dead in a bomb blast or in a target killing or for a ransom money.

The next election for sure will win by the party who is able to win the hearts of Karachites. As the death of Benazir Bhutto is a biggest example of it. So Imran leave cricket, leave hospital and leave Sarabjeet focus for peace in Karachi…  🙂


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