West Indies will play against Srilanka In the Final

The two teams are all set to compete against each other in the finals of the fourth T-20 World cup on Sunday. West Indies and Srilanka are playing out in the finals. Srilanka who outplayed Pakistan in the semi final in which Srilankans placed a total of 140 which was unable to score by Pakistani Batting line up against Srilakan bowlers.  West Indies who thrashed Australia by placing a winning score against Australia in the semi final of 205. Gayle put a thunder performance of 75 which comprises of 6 sixes and 5 fours. Also in the bowling department they from the start created pressure on Australia by picking wickets in short interval.

Both the teams have never won a T20 world cup in the past. Srilanka have qualified for the second time in to the finals, last time they were unable to play well in Lord’s against Pakistan but this time they are looking a good side to pick the trophy. West Indies who have never came in to the semi finals in the past yet  this year they are in to the finals and their performance against Aussies making them more favorite then Srilankans.

It will be a big task of Srilanka to pick Chris Gayle early so to create a huge pressure on West Indies. It will be nice to see how West Indian Bowlers create strategy against Dilshan, Sangakarra and Jayawardane- the top order of  Lanka batting lineup? Also cameos of Pollard and Thissara Perrara will be of huge importance. The importance of fast bowlers can’t be shadowed as Ravi Rampaul and Malinga can create a huge difference from their economical and wicket taking bowling. In spinning department Srilankans have more edge than of West Indies as their both spinners look fascinating Mendis and Herath; whereas Sunil Narine can create some problems for Lanka batters. Considering about the fielding, Srilanka is the best fielding unit of Asia whereas many athletic fielders are in West Indies team such as Sammy, Pollard, Gayle and Bravo which can create difference.

Let see who create more pressure on the opponents and won the trophy of T20 world cup.


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