Tendulkar Thinking about Retirement

An Institution Of Cricket

If it happens it will be a huge set back in cricketing world.Sooner or later Tendulkar will be leaving international cricket and will not only create a gap in cricket also leaves behind many glorious moments in cricket.

“I am 39 and I don’t think I have plenty of cricket left in me. But it depends on my frame of mind and my physical ability to deliver. When I feel that I am not delivering what is needed, and then I will re-look at the scheme of things. I am already 39 and no one expects me to go on playing forever,” Tendulkar told a TV channel

He played his first international cricket match in National Stadium Karachi and unfortunately the ground is in darkness for many years. His tussles with extreme fast bowlers were great to watch. His batting being copied by many players and they become great, one of the biggest example is Sehwag. Many cricket coaches give example of his brilliance, passion and hard-work to their apprentice. Many ups and down had come in his cricketing career but he stay consistent. He gets out on a duck against Australia in WC final in 2003 and Indian crowd went down on the first ball of second inning. But he wok hard and scored tons of centuries and such that he now attains the title of having a total of hundred 100’s in all formats of cricket.

Why in the world there is only Tendulkar who did that? The answer lies in question and that is… Tendulkar. He is not a legend of India but a fable of cricket.  Many players in the world who are superstars of their teams and are unable to perform need to learn from him. Player like Shahid Khan Afridi who has created his reputation as a darling of cricket need to learn from him of how to attain his form back? ShaneWarne learns alot from Abdul Qadir. Azhar-ud-dinn learns a lot from Zaheer abbas and many are learning a lot from Tendulkar not only batting but the art of being on the top.

But he will be retiring. Will it affect Indian Batting line-up? Many gurus said that Kholi, Rohit, Gambhir and Raina have shaped up to take care of Indian batting. Many upcoming players looks promising such as Rahanne. But it will be a real test of India when they go to play test cricket in Austarlia and England.

India had won One day World cup 2011 which was one of the wish of Indian Batsman to make in his cricketing career. He has scored 100 centuries in his international cricket career.What will be his last wish before retiring from International cricket?

I am desperate to know..

I just end the post by quotation of Andy flower on Sachinwhich is one of my favorite quotation about Sachin.
“There are 2 kind of batsmen in the world. One Sachin Tendulkar. Two all the others” 🙂


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