Why CL-T20 May Beat ICC T20 World Cup In terms Of Popularity?

The two biggest T-20 tournament in the world, Champions league and ICC T20 world cup are competing indirectly with each other without being on the same standard. This time it is looking more clear as Champions league got started soon after the end of T-20 world cup.

Although Champions league is far  less important for a nation as compare to any type of world cup but the attraction of superstars in the form of giant players are creating a sense of rivalry between both of them. Both the tournament are organized under the platform of ICC but in terms of finance there is about 70% share of Indian cricket board.

The ICC T-20 world cup ends with a stylish dance of Gayle and the winning performance of West Indies on Srilanka unfortunately the two srilankans suicide on the loss of Srilanka in the final against Windies. The tournament although is not as fruitful for teams like Pakistan, India and Australia who were looking hot for this tournament. In the champions league it is not about the nation it is about star power.

Star Power Dominates In CL-T20:

Sachin Tendulkar will be looking to perform in this year edition of CL-T20 for Mumbai Indians besides not being the greatest hitter in T-20 but his few minutes on the crease will be most entertaining and has no comparison in front of ICC-T20 world cup player power.

Similarly, Murlitharran and Brett Lee will be performing for Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Night Riders respectively as they both are retired from International format and is having millions of fan following like Tendulkar. Also you will find some experienced T-20 players like Azhar Mahmood and other domestic T-20 players which have a tons of experience of T-20 which is rare in the T20 world cup team players.

Cheer Girls Creates the Effect:

If you adopt it so you have to take it seriously. Besides the dance of Chris Gayle there was nothing entertaining found in the ICC T-20 world cup on the ground. The cheer girls were adopted in cricket format by seeing in NBA and other sports so ICC should take it seriously. As the tournament was approved for Entertaining and  for generating wealth but they didn’t take the enter- -tainment part seriously. 🙂

On the other hand the cheer girls of CL-T20 are looking confident and have good co-ordination in the dancing.Although the cheer girls of NBA are quite professional and have no comparison with the CL-T20 but still they keep up an entertaining environment.

Either this should be eliminated completely from the tournament or if it is adopted should be given special attention by ICC. As if eliminated will not create any difference as there are lots of chachas, superman and other supporting icons. But if it will continue in this way will not create any fruitful result only apple of discord for tournament.

Advertisement And Commercials:

There is found few commercials in the CL-T20 up till now between  overs and bowler looks ready on the screen to through on the other hand. Whereas, in ICC-T20 there were a lot of commercials between  overs and if a wicket is fall, it creates irritation for viewers specially in the crunched matches. Although interval between two innings was longer in Cl-T20 as compare to ICC-T20 world cup but it doesn’t create a sense of irritation for viewers too much.


In short, it is completely dominated by CL-T20 and more discussion is useless.

Some things which can create problems for CL-T20 is the proportions of teams as first time a Pakistani team was playing a qualifying round in the CL-t20 despite of its 3 tournaments completed and unfortunately the result rely on a single match which they lost. Despite of Pakistan performance in the ICC T20 world cup, no Pakistani domestic teams have been in to the CL-T20 matches. The idea of promoting and adopting new teams should be promoted by CL-T20 to get more flavor in this tournament and to induce more teams all around the world and make the tournament more stable.

Another major thing which can create major negative effect is the match fixing. This should be avoided as much as possible as this can shadow all the hard-work of super player power and affluence.

The other problem for CL-T20 is not having rivalry matches like India and Pakistan but who knows in future we may find Mumbai Indians Vs Karachi Dolphins or Delhi Dare Devils Vs Lahore Lions which can create exactly the same environment likewise Indo-Pak match does or may be a bit less.

What you think about both the tournaments?

Give your views on it…


West Indies will play against Srilanka In the Final

The two teams are all set to compete against each other in the finals of the fourth T-20 World cup on Sunday. West Indies and Srilanka are playing out in the finals. Srilanka who outplayed Pakistan in the semi final in which Srilankans placed a total of 140 which was unable to score by Pakistani Batting line up against Srilakan bowlers.  West Indies who thrashed Australia by placing a winning score against Australia in the semi final of 205. Gayle put a thunder performance of 75 which comprises of 6 sixes and 5 fours. Also in the bowling department they from the start created pressure on Australia by picking wickets in short interval.

Both the teams have never won a T20 world cup in the past. Srilanka have qualified for the second time in to the finals, last time they were unable to play well in Lord’s against Pakistan but this time they are looking a good side to pick the trophy. West Indies who have never came in to the semi finals in the past yet  this year they are in to the finals and their performance against Aussies making them more favorite then Srilankans.

It will be a big task of Srilanka to pick Chris Gayle early so to create a huge pressure on West Indies. It will be nice to see how West Indian Bowlers create strategy against Dilshan, Sangakarra and Jayawardane- the top order of  Lanka batting lineup? Also cameos of Pollard and Thissara Perrara will be of huge importance. The importance of fast bowlers can’t be shadowed as Ravi Rampaul and Malinga can create a huge difference from their economical and wicket taking bowling. In spinning department Srilankans have more edge than of West Indies as their both spinners look fascinating Mendis and Herath; whereas Sunil Narine can create some problems for Lanka batters. Considering about the fielding, Srilanka is the best fielding unit of Asia whereas many athletic fielders are in West Indies team such as Sammy, Pollard, Gayle and Bravo which can create difference.

Let see who create more pressure on the opponents and won the trophy of T20 world cup.

Tendulkar Thinking about Retirement

An Institution Of Cricket

If it happens it will be a huge set back in cricketing world.Sooner or later Tendulkar will be leaving international cricket and will not only create a gap in cricket also leaves behind many glorious moments in cricket.

“I am 39 and I don’t think I have plenty of cricket left in me. But it depends on my frame of mind and my physical ability to deliver. When I feel that I am not delivering what is needed, and then I will re-look at the scheme of things. I am already 39 and no one expects me to go on playing forever,” Tendulkar told a TV channel

He played his first international cricket match in National Stadium Karachi and unfortunately the ground is in darkness for many years. His tussles with extreme fast bowlers were great to watch. His batting being copied by many players and they become great, one of the biggest example is Sehwag. Many cricket coaches give example of his brilliance, passion and hard-work to their apprentice. Many ups and down had come in his cricketing career but he stay consistent. He gets out on a duck against Australia in WC final in 2003 and Indian crowd went down on the first ball of second inning. But he wok hard and scored tons of centuries and such that he now attains the title of having a total of hundred 100’s in all formats of cricket.

Why in the world there is only Tendulkar who did that? The answer lies in question and that is… Tendulkar. He is not a legend of India but a fable of cricket.  Many players in the world who are superstars of their teams and are unable to perform need to learn from him. Player like Shahid Khan Afridi who has created his reputation as a darling of cricket need to learn from him of how to attain his form back? ShaneWarne learns alot from Abdul Qadir. Azhar-ud-dinn learns a lot from Zaheer abbas and many are learning a lot from Tendulkar not only batting but the art of being on the top.

But he will be retiring. Will it affect Indian Batting line-up? Many gurus said that Kholi, Rohit, Gambhir and Raina have shaped up to take care of Indian batting. Many upcoming players looks promising such as Rahanne. But it will be a real test of India when they go to play test cricket in Austarlia and England.

India had won One day World cup 2011 which was one of the wish of Indian Batsman to make in his cricketing career. He has scored 100 centuries in his international cricket career.What will be his last wish before retiring from International cricket?

I am desperate to know..

I just end the post by quotation of Andy flower on Sachinwhich is one of my favorite quotation about Sachin.
“There are 2 kind of batsmen in the world. One Sachin Tendulkar. Two all the others” 🙂

Mix Feelings In T20

So after the group matches and super 8 in ICC T20 world cup this year the Indian Cricket Fans are dishearten by Indian cricket team performance despite of 1 run win against South Africa and 7 wicket win against their Cricket rival- Pakistan as India are out of the T20 Tournament.On the other hand South Africans who have lost all the matches of super eight, played a role of party spoiler for Indian fans and a hero for Pakistan cricket team specially Fu De Plesis whose name can not even spell completely by all Pakistanis did job for Pakistan by his good knock. Earlier that day Pakistan Cricket team broke the winning momentum of Australia in the T20 tournament. Sambit bal wrote in ESPN Cricket Info: ‘India is the land of milk and honey for Twenty20 cricket. It is the laboratory where international players sharpen their Twenty20 skills. Yet India have failed to reach the final stages of the last three World Twenty20s. Tough questions and tough decisions can’t wait forever.’ Surely this laboratory is not the place where Afridi, Ajmal and Umar Gul the world’s leading wicket takers had sharpen their skills. Yes there is no doubt that many players have learn in India like Gayle, Watson and many others.

This will be the fourth T20 world cup in 6 years and Pakistan team have qualified in all the Semi finals. But despite of being such a world-class T20 team and having brilliant upcoming T20 Players there is no tournament like IPL, SLPL or Big Bash and that is due to attack on Srilankan players in Lahore and since not a single international team except Afghanistan have played any tournament in Pakistan. Pakistan Cricket Board is trying hard to arrange a T20 league but are unable to give a final shape.

Back to this year in T20 world cup the teams for Semi Finals are decided in which one will be an Asian team to reach in to the finals unlike the last year in which Aussies and England were competing. This year England doesn’t show any interest to defend T20 title as they were looking too young to play out in this tournament in the absence of KP and Ian Bell. Aussies are looking favorite once again to reach in to the finals yet if they might get captured in to the spinning web of Sunil Narine or their bowlers get exposed by thunder batting of Gayle. It is also worthy to be noted that after Pakistan, Australia is the second most consistent team in this tournament. Considering about the match between Pakistan and Srilanka, only that team will win which play better on the day as they both knows very well about each other.

Any prediction about the two teams who will reach in to the Finals and the team which will hold the title of T20 champion.

Share your thoughts about it…