Hope for Peace In Karachi

Sometime it looks like that all the people who are against the peace and humanity are residing or having their influence in Karachi. The environment of Karachi is very different than the world. The City which was once rated to become an Economic hub and was once predicted to be a great competitor to New York and London in future has turn out to be having the city of inhabit of criminals. Every Crime can be found in 3,512 square kilometer; dealing to violence, ransom money, target killings, bomb blasting and other bulge of abhorrent activities. The City looks abnormal in hours of darkness. Every step out-side the homes became very crucial and wanderers are not allowed in Karachi at night.

Karachi which is not getting up to mark of becoming an economic hub of the world but it is still an economic center of Pakistan despite of violence and hideous acts. And when the strike calls off by the local bodies the economic sector hit badly. More than Rs. 20 million loss occur when city’s work impede for 12 hours. Karachites are always worried about their loved ones who are outside from homes for any purpose. The communication activity gets increases, when the city hit by any terrorist activity. The protest against the Anti-Muslim activity turns in to a terrorist activity in Pakistan. Yesterday, two blast occurred tearing through the financial capital’s crowded Hyderi Market, initially killing six people, including a young girl, and wounding 25. After the investigation it was suspected that Bohra community was targeted. In last 9 months more than 1100 people have been killed; it means around .1% of population of Karachi was killed in 9 months.

But sometime we found a very different scenario in Karachi; we found the highest number of super markets in Karachi from all around Pakistan with highest number of crowd, we found people enjoying in both the Eid’s stupendously despite of inflation.

Let us hope that Karachi become one of the peaceful cities in the world as it was known in the sub continent  some time ago.


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