Unforgettable Fire in Karachi

After the disastrous incident on 9/11 in Pakistan’s biggest city Karachi in which almost 289 people were killed. Pakistan’s government should take immediate actions on lots of things in which there is a lot to do on by-laws actions and moreover disaster management. The biggest reason came up in front of us is the biggest negligence  and low safety standards which is not only found in that single garment factory but also in many factories in Pakistan and many in Karachi.

An Unwanted Occasion on 9/11

The time has gone when government and it’s officials were saying that there were limited or few resources to control the disaster. Don’t tell me that there was not enough water as just few hours ago you splashed tons on water from water cannons on a rally which was against a 3rd graded movie. Factories and Industries in Pakistan needs a special attention which unfortunately getting the worst from every aspect. In factories and Industries there must take utmost care about the best working conditions of workers, disaster management or Emergency management and on healthy environment.  Unfortunately in many factories of Pakistan we find a lot of problems on the issues which creates such a disaster which is unbearable to watch. There was no strategic planning or neither any attempt found to save the people when the factory becomes a hell. In Pakistan you can’t expect any integrated solution of a problem like these and found helpless in front of corruption.

But this will not make things to get silence, all in all 289 people were killed in one single building which shows the mismanagement, helplessness and non-strategic behavior of concern departments.

Lots of things need to be changed in which the major step should be taken to terminate the license of all the factories which have a deadly condition, gives an image of a hell and is not up to the laws.

There should also given lectures on disaster management to the people working in factories and if possible should given the lesson of fire fighting. The learning of owners of factories and industrialist not get end up after starting the industry. They need to learn about providing health and safety conditions, construction of green buildings or less of it need to hire a person who take care of these things.

We all hope that in future we are able to fight against such a disaster and will decrease the after effects as much as possible.



One thought on “Unforgettable Fire in Karachi”

  1. Oh I am so sad to hear about all your troubles in Karachi. How horrible! I hope that somehow these people will come to their senses! I’m glad you have started your blog and you can tell people about your city and what it is like to live there through your eyes. A unique perspective indeed!. Good luck with your blog!

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