TATA NANO Maneuvering Smart

One of the famous car of India- Tata Nano is once again giving its competitors a tough time. This time it is not because of its technicalities or any engineering facts or any pledges but by its smart planning and maneuvering.

TATA Nano manufacturers are now looking forward to do some marketing although it is not required to do on media and considering the fact that it holds the cheapest car tag up till now which really is itself an attraction, and if an industry attains it, will make it sales to fly high automatically. But besides that they are looking forward to create more and more awareness and understanding among people. Let us check out some of them.

One of the most popular Song sung by Dhanush, ‘Why this Kolaveri Di’ which gets viral all over the internet has sung for TATA and has performed well in the advertisement which shows how he saves the life of a girl by taking her to the hospital in such a heavy traffic? The car shows its smart acts…

so the combination of Dhanush and TATA Nano will definitely worked out for NANO, Mr. Ratan TATA had thanked him for his work.

As we all know that Facebook and Twitter are a great platform for products to gain popularity around globe, TATA NANO did the same too by creating an Official Pages on it which is creating awareness on Social Networking sites greatly.

TATA NANO is having more advantage of Facebook than that of Twitter as many people are posting and sharing Stories and Pictures with their TATA NANO. This surely is the smartest strategy.

As we all are aware from the online stores so do with Ebay. E-bay is one of the biggest online store from where you can buy or sell goods. TATA NANO will be the first to sell its products through Ebay.in

Other than the Car you can also buy TATA NANO’s key chains, watches and Computer Accessories, that sounds interesting too.

One of the most famous talk show host Jay Leno who is a big fan of cars as he has nearly 200 cars in his garages in which one of them is TATA NANO. That is not maneuvering that is what TATA NANO achieved as a respect from someone who respect and love cars. Let us see that will TATA NANO get any sale Booster from all above maneuvers? All the best and Keep it up 🙂


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