Finding Novelty in Cricket

Although Cricket is not a part of the biggest sporting event in the world but Olympians are looking forward to become its element. World’s Fastest man from Jamaica Usain Bolt has shown his interest in Cricket.

The news is roaming around that Usain Bolt is all set to play out in Big Bash League.   It will be somewhat exciting to see him playing in Australia and in an exciting league. His competitor Yohan Blake is also running on his footsteps he is still in London even after the end of Olympics and has been found in the Lords Ground watching England vs South Africa Test match. It is also heard in the last olympic held in Beijing that Usain Bolt is a huge fan of yorker specialist Waqar Younus.  This means that he will be looking forward to take some tips about bowling before coming in to action.


The Cricket has really changed a lot after the start of T20 format internationally and has become more and more glamorous and charismatic after the start of Leagues such as Big Bash, IPL and some others. Currently Srilankan Premiere League is going on. And after one month T20 world cup will get started after that we will see the first edition of Pakistan Premiere League and then Big Bash League and then IPL and then BPL. I don’t know when Champions League will started so I miss it from the line up. The Cricket is now totally changed Cricketers apart of their national team find success and affluence from these Leagues. Many players who were out of their teams for long years due to some disciplinary actions or due to their forms get back in to their national teams. Some players get more and more exposure after these leagues and some of them who have not played a single test match for their country has famous world-wide.

Australia who is known all over the world of being professional and experienced they have induct many fresh blood in its squad for T20 world cup. As the fresh blood is more experience and confident in playing tournaments such as  T20 world cup as they participated more aggressively in T20 Leagues then the national players. But will it effect Test Cricket?

Currently we don’t find any negative thing like that as we see a glorious triple century from first South African Hashim Amla. But this also kept in mind that he has not participated in any leagues mention above. May be in future he do so.

On one place we see Olympians are participating in Cricket and are attracting towards it and on the other hand Cricketers are running forward to play leagues without working intensely to be the hero of National Side like Sachin, Dravid, Ponting, Miandad, Imran Khan and dozens of players like them.

Here we see a kind of novelty which cricket surely doesn’t want for its long time existence and if this stay as it is may be in future Cricket will only be known for IPL, Big Bash, Champions League rather than Ashes, Champions Trophy, Asia Cup and Pakistan-India Series which will be happening soon in the end of this year but without a test match.


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