Lack Of Viewers For Olympics In Pakistan

I remember the first T20 World Cup final held in South Africa between Pakistan and India. And it was the month of Ramadan when the final was played. There was no such drastic change of viewer ship in watching cricket at that time due to holy month. About every Pakistani who follows cricket watched that match. Cricket matches are always the most watched events in the Asia and especially in Pakistan and India. But it is not same with the Olympics.

Although Olympics is the biggest event in the sports and highly followed in all parts of the world. The internet websites are rich with the Olympics and every even and odd news related to the Olympics is highlighted. But Olympics don’t find its fan following in Pakistan due to a number of reasons.

Firstly there is no big superstar from Pakistan who has participated in the Olympics but this should also take into account that there are no superstars in Pakistan except of cricketers and Politicians. Few ones like Assam-UL-Haque and others who were unable to find their position this year in London Olympics 2012 has added dearth in viewers.

Secondly Pakistan is a Muslim State. As it is the month of Ramadan so the majority of people are fasting and due to which the Schedule gets tighter. In this it is unable for a person to follow the biggest event closely. Although I was able to catch the race yesterday in which Usain Bolt march out with flying colors after Taraweeh (Special Prayer in the month of Ramadan). Considering about International superstars there is a lot of fan following of Sania Mirza and Amir Khan (boxer) in recent years but unfortunately both are out of the Olympics.

Thirdly, as it is the month of August and Pakistani from the start of this month, gear up for new ideas for celebrating the independence day which is celebrated on every 14th of August. So this could be the other major reason of less viewers from Pakistan for this mega event.

Indians and Pakistanis although are big fans of cricket but Indians have start diversifying their taste and adopt other sports in its culture, whereas Pakistanis are not improving the quality and awareness for sports other than cricket which will keep the interest of the Olympics underneath.

The inclination of viewers:

Pakistan in the Olympics is mostly known for the Hockey since last two decades. And Hockey is only known for Olympics in Pakistan. As a recent survey of a Pakistani T.V channel in which they ask the people to tell the names of Pakistani hockey players and the result was as expected. No one was able to tell the names other than Sohail Abbas and Shakeel Abbasi.

Hockey Player Sohail Abbas in action
On the other hand if the question was for cricket you know the result. It will be the last hope of Pakistan to achieve something in this year Olympics. If Pakistan Hockey team wins the gold medal in this year Olympics it will be the best gift to the nation on its Anniversary.

But the show doesn’t end up here as the cricket T20 World Cup’s 3rd Version is coming this year in September and if Pakistan wins the tournament so the Gold Medal will loses its shineness in the eyes of the nation and once again Cricket will go on top in the eyes of the nation.


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