Water Kit-Profaning Law Of Thermodynamics

Just few days ago I heard a news that an Engineer belonging to Interior Sindh Mr. Agha Waqar and his team, invented a kit by which a car can run up to 40 km on 1 liter of water. Oh wow so it means gas and oil problems are solved. From now on wards we will be making  dams and barrages to store large amount of water for water kit cars. The Water Kit and the engineer gets more of media coverage while not a single recognized engineering university took part in to this project. Many eminent Pakistani scientist and engineer have congratulated and later took part in to this after its coverage and said that it is perfectly fine. Many media personalities think that it will change the image of Pakistan in the world and the unwanted tags will be removed sooner.


When I was in my first year of engineering, I study Applied Thermodynamics in which I learn that every machine obeys Second law of thermodynamics. And the kit works against it.

According to the statement of Law of Thermodynamics stated by Lord Kelvin

“No process is possible in which the sole result is the absorption of heat from a reservoir and its complete conversion into work.”

Any engineer or scientist will not belief on the efficiency of water kit when obeying law of thermodynamics. Few people have called it a mockery of physics and if it is completely absurd than it will add tag of scam under the name of Pakistan. However in few people there is renowned man Professor Atta-ur-Rehman who opposed it and openly challenged the engineer and said that it is all rubbish and in past these acts were happened however science is based upon both theoretical and practical knowledge so it can’t be fooled for a long term. And both of them are essential for inventions and innovations. As far as practical done by the car is concerned if there is some effort shown by the pathan engineer in that water kit than it will be fully examined in research lab under the supervision of engineers and scientist who will open each and every part of it and find out the phenomenon behind it. Considering about the engineers, scientist and media personalities who were attached to it and praised it might not freshen or add technicalities in to their knowledge.

In future if we find any such kits or gadgets so first they must be properly examined and then brought up in to the market or else embarrassment have to be faced which surely no nation could afford. However, every nation is looking for miracles to overcome their energy crises and other problems related to it. But it is also equally important to handle  these things in a polite and smart way which was absent in this case.

Let us see how much weight does this water kit own and what will be the future of phenomenon of running cars on water? Aside from this.

What are your thoughts on it?

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