11 Questions by Imran Khan to Nawaz Sharif

As the time is coming near for the elections both opposition parties PML-N and PTI are fighting against each other for getting the lion’s share in elections. On Wednesday  Khawaja Asif of PML-N fires the environment by placing allegations on ex-cricketer. In its reaction PTI followers shows their agitation and yesterday Imran Khan has come to the show to face the bouncer by Khawaja  Asif by declaring and proving that he has never misuse Shaukat Khanum charitable hospital nor he use the money for gambling. Moreover he told that he has bought land of Rs. 40 million by selling his house in London. He further justified that all the details are present in the party’s website.

Imran Khan in his emotional conference has put 11 questions which became the news of yesterday.

His 11 question were all for Nawaz Sharif , for which he want Mr. Nawaz Sharif to come live against him in  a T.V show and gives its answer.

What was the source of income for setting up a steel mill at Jeddah?

Raymond Decker who is an international author claimed that Nawaz Sharif was involved in the corruption of $417 million. if it is untrue than why didn’t Nawaz Sharif filed a case against him?

Is he not involved in the graft of $417 million as alleged by Raymond Decker?

How much is the worth of Sharif Family asset and where are the details of it?

What was the source of income of buying Rs 6 billion Apartments in England?

Weren’t Sharif’s bank accounts freeze after Pakistan’s nuclear tests?

Did he not transfer his wealth overnight after the nuclear tests?

Where are the details of tax collection and How much of the tax money was put into Raiwind?

How much of national exchequer was spent on his Raiwind’s lavish residence?

Did he not stuff his vaults with kickbacks worth billions in the award of motorway project contract?

Does Sharif family not owe local lenders funds amounting Rs six billion?

These were the question asked  in the past and its answers were given in as emotional way as it were asked. Imran Khan react on the bouncer of  Khawaja Asif by saying, ‘not of my calibre’.

In this week a major set back also occurred for Muslim League Nawaz when Khosa family has given its resignation from PML-N Punjab office on multiple reasons. As it is one of the strongest family dwelt in Punjab and can effect in the elections for PML-N. In future may be the disputes and disagreements get resolves if Nawaz Sharif meet them and amend the problems.

The fire of words between two parties in the Punjab has started and looking to catch the fire as the days goes on and on.    

Will the problems for Nawaz Party will increase day by day or there is a solution for them to get out?


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