TATA NANO Maneuvering Smart

One of the famous car of India- Tata Nano is once again giving its competitors a tough time. This time it is not because of its technicalities or any engineering facts or any pledges but by its smart planning and maneuvering.

TATA Nano manufacturers are now looking forward to do some marketing although it is not required to do on media and considering the fact that it holds the cheapest car tag up till now which really is itself an attraction, and if an industry attains it, will make it sales to fly high automatically. But besides that they are looking forward to create more and more awareness and understanding among people. Let us check out some of them.

One of the most popular Song sung by Dhanush, ‘Why this Kolaveri Di’ which gets viral all over the internet has sung for TATA and has performed well in the advertisement which shows how he saves the life of a girl by taking her to the hospital in such a heavy traffic? The car shows its smart acts…

so the combination of Dhanush and TATA Nano will definitely worked out for NANO, Mr. Ratan TATA had thanked him for his work.

As we all know that Facebook and Twitter are a great platform for products to gain popularity around globe, TATA NANO did the same too by creating an Official Pages on it which is creating awareness on Social Networking sites greatly.

TATA NANO is having more advantage of Facebook than that of Twitter as many people are posting and sharing Stories and Pictures with their TATA NANO. This surely is the smartest strategy.

As we all are aware from the online stores so do with Ebay. E-bay is one of the biggest online store from where you can buy or sell goods. TATA NANO will be the first to sell its products through Ebay.in

Other than the Car you can also buy TATA NANO’s key chains, watches and Computer Accessories, that sounds interesting too.

One of the most famous talk show host Jay Leno who is a big fan of cars as he has nearly 200 cars in his garages in which one of them is TATA NANO. That is not maneuvering that is what TATA NANO achieved as a respect from someone who respect and love cars. Let us see that will TATA NANO get any sale Booster from all above maneuvers? All the best and Keep it up 🙂


Pick up the phone after ten

Pakistan is a country where mobile phones are often used and if they  were order not to use it, so what will happen?

People were cursing Rehman Malik and Government because of whom mobile phones went silent from 7:00 am to 10:00 am in the urban areas of Pakistan on Monday. The reason for shutting down the cellular networks given by him is chance of major attack on Eid Day, majorly celebrated on Monday in Pakistan.

Mostly young people gave the swearing remarks on this act. It is because they were unable to stay in touch with their loved ones on the big occasion which they achieved by doing bundles of SMS’es on the Eid and Chand Raat ( A day before eid). Also the day before Eid few of the networks were impeded.

This was the very first time when people after Namaz-e-Eid and after hugs and greet rush towards their homes and switch on their computers and Internets and greet their relatives and friends on social sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Thanks to the government of No Load Shedding @ that moment.


Many people who uses video calls on Skype to talk with friends and relatives dwelling far away. They also use it to talk with people who lives near by.

As the Clock Strikes 10:00 am on Monday it was time for Mobile Phones to rung and sooner the SMS were started flowing towards cell phones. And it was time for people to get engaged on the phone and greeting Eid Mubarak.

Many people called the idea nothing but another way of disturbing them. But few of them told me that they were felling pretty relaxed as no tension of replying back and receiving phones and get an ample time of 3 hours to stay out of touch with a ring rong gadget.

Somewhat I didn’t feel too much annoyed from this act on the day of Eid as compare to Load Shedding of electricity and CNG as I am not addict of a mobile phone. But may be this was annoying for those who can not live without cell phones and there are many of them.

Happy Eid Mubarak!







Finding Novelty in Cricket

Although Cricket is not a part of the biggest sporting event in the world but Olympians are looking forward to become its element. World’s Fastest man from Jamaica Usain Bolt has shown his interest in Cricket.

The news is roaming around that Usain Bolt is all set to play out in Big Bash League.   It will be somewhat exciting to see him playing in Australia and in an exciting league. His competitor Yohan Blake is also running on his footsteps he is still in London even after the end of Olympics and has been found in the Lords Ground watching England vs South Africa Test match. It is also heard in the last olympic held in Beijing that Usain Bolt is a huge fan of yorker specialist Waqar Younus.  This means that he will be looking forward to take some tips about bowling before coming in to action.


The Cricket has really changed a lot after the start of T20 format internationally and has become more and more glamorous and charismatic after the start of Leagues such as Big Bash, IPL and some others. Currently Srilankan Premiere League is going on. And after one month T20 world cup will get started after that we will see the first edition of Pakistan Premiere League and then Big Bash League and then IPL and then BPL. I don’t know when Champions League will started so I miss it from the line up. The Cricket is now totally changed Cricketers apart of their national team find success and affluence from these Leagues. Many players who were out of their teams for long years due to some disciplinary actions or due to their forms get back in to their national teams. Some players get more and more exposure after these leagues and some of them who have not played a single test match for their country has famous world-wide.

Australia who is known all over the world of being professional and experienced they have induct many fresh blood in its squad for T20 world cup. As the fresh blood is more experience and confident in playing tournaments such as  T20 world cup as they participated more aggressively in T20 Leagues then the national players. But will it effect Test Cricket?

Currently we don’t find any negative thing like that as we see a glorious triple century from first South African Hashim Amla. But this also kept in mind that he has not participated in any leagues mention above. May be in future he do so.

On one place we see Olympians are participating in Cricket and are attracting towards it and on the other hand Cricketers are running forward to play leagues without working intensely to be the hero of National Side like Sachin, Dravid, Ponting, Miandad, Imran Khan and dozens of players like them.

Here we see a kind of novelty which cricket surely doesn’t want for its long time existence and if this stay as it is may be in future Cricket will only be known for IPL, Big Bash, Champions League rather than Ashes, Champions Trophy, Asia Cup and Pakistan-India Series which will be happening soon in the end of this year but without a test match.

Lack Of Viewers For Olympics In Pakistan

I remember the first T20 World Cup final held in South Africa between Pakistan and India. And it was the month of Ramadan when the final was played. There was no such drastic change of viewer ship in watching cricket at that time due to holy month. About every Pakistani who follows cricket watched that match. Cricket matches are always the most watched events in the Asia and especially in Pakistan and India. But it is not same with the Olympics.

Although Olympics is the biggest event in the sports and highly followed in all parts of the world. The internet websites are rich with the Olympics and every even and odd news related to the Olympics is highlighted. But Olympics don’t find its fan following in Pakistan due to a number of reasons.

Firstly there is no big superstar from Pakistan who has participated in the Olympics but this should also take into account that there are no superstars in Pakistan except of cricketers and Politicians. Few ones like Assam-UL-Haque and others who were unable to find their position this year in London Olympics 2012 has added dearth in viewers.

Secondly Pakistan is a Muslim State. As it is the month of Ramadan so the majority of people are fasting and due to which the Schedule gets tighter. In this it is unable for a person to follow the biggest event closely. Although I was able to catch the race yesterday in which Usain Bolt march out with flying colors after Taraweeh (Special Prayer in the month of Ramadan). Considering about International superstars there is a lot of fan following of Sania Mirza and Amir Khan (boxer) in recent years but unfortunately both are out of the Olympics.

Thirdly, as it is the month of August and Pakistani from the start of this month, gear up for new ideas for celebrating the independence day which is celebrated on every 14th of August. So this could be the other major reason of less viewers from Pakistan for this mega event.

Indians and Pakistanis although are big fans of cricket but Indians have start diversifying their taste and adopt other sports in its culture, whereas Pakistanis are not improving the quality and awareness for sports other than cricket which will keep the interest of the Olympics underneath.

The inclination of viewers:

Pakistan in the Olympics is mostly known for the Hockey since last two decades. And Hockey is only known for Olympics in Pakistan. As a recent survey of a Pakistani T.V channel in which they ask the people to tell the names of Pakistani hockey players and the result was as expected. No one was able to tell the names other than Sohail Abbas and Shakeel Abbasi.

Hockey Player Sohail Abbas in action
On the other hand if the question was for cricket you know the result. It will be the last hope of Pakistan to achieve something in this year Olympics. If Pakistan Hockey team wins the gold medal in this year Olympics it will be the best gift to the nation on its Anniversary.

But the show doesn’t end up here as the cricket T20 World Cup’s 3rd Version is coming this year in September and if Pakistan wins the tournament so the Gold Medal will loses its shineness in the eyes of the nation and once again Cricket will go on top in the eyes of the nation.

Water Kit-Profaning Law Of Thermodynamics

Just few days ago I heard a news that an Engineer belonging to Interior Sindh Mr. Agha Waqar and his team, invented a kit by which a car can run up to 40 km on 1 liter of water. Oh wow so it means gas and oil problems are solved. From now on wards we will be making  dams and barrages to store large amount of water for water kit cars. The Water Kit and the engineer gets more of media coverage while not a single recognized engineering university took part in to this project. Many eminent Pakistani scientist and engineer have congratulated and later took part in to this after its coverage and said that it is perfectly fine. Many media personalities think that it will change the image of Pakistan in the world and the unwanted tags will be removed sooner.


When I was in my first year of engineering, I study Applied Thermodynamics in which I learn that every machine obeys Second law of thermodynamics. And the kit works against it.

According to the statement of Law of Thermodynamics stated by Lord Kelvin

“No process is possible in which the sole result is the absorption of heat from a reservoir and its complete conversion into work.”

Any engineer or scientist will not belief on the efficiency of water kit when obeying law of thermodynamics. Few people have called it a mockery of physics and if it is completely absurd than it will add tag of scam under the name of Pakistan. However in few people there is renowned man Professor Atta-ur-Rehman who opposed it and openly challenged the engineer and said that it is all rubbish and in past these acts were happened however science is based upon both theoretical and practical knowledge so it can’t be fooled for a long term. And both of them are essential for inventions and innovations. As far as practical done by the car is concerned if there is some effort shown by the pathan engineer in that water kit than it will be fully examined in research lab under the supervision of engineers and scientist who will open each and every part of it and find out the phenomenon behind it. Considering about the engineers, scientist and media personalities who were attached to it and praised it might not freshen or add technicalities in to their knowledge.

In future if we find any such kits or gadgets so first they must be properly examined and then brought up in to the market or else embarrassment have to be faced which surely no nation could afford. However, every nation is looking for miracles to overcome their energy crises and other problems related to it. But it is also equally important to handle  these things in a polite and smart way which was absent in this case.

Let us see how much weight does this water kit own and what will be the future of phenomenon of running cars on water? Aside from this.

What are your thoughts on it?

Do Comment here.

11 Questions by Imran Khan to Nawaz Sharif

As the time is coming near for the elections both opposition parties PML-N and PTI are fighting against each other for getting the lion’s share in elections. On Wednesday  Khawaja Asif of PML-N fires the environment by placing allegations on ex-cricketer. In its reaction PTI followers shows their agitation and yesterday Imran Khan has come to the show to face the bouncer by Khawaja  Asif by declaring and proving that he has never misuse Shaukat Khanum charitable hospital nor he use the money for gambling. Moreover he told that he has bought land of Rs. 40 million by selling his house in London. He further justified that all the details are present in the party’s website.

Imran Khan in his emotional conference has put 11 questions which became the news of yesterday.

His 11 question were all for Nawaz Sharif , for which he want Mr. Nawaz Sharif to come live against him in  a T.V show and gives its answer.

What was the source of income for setting up a steel mill at Jeddah?

Raymond Decker who is an international author claimed that Nawaz Sharif was involved in the corruption of $417 million. if it is untrue than why didn’t Nawaz Sharif filed a case against him?

Is he not involved in the graft of $417 million as alleged by Raymond Decker?

How much is the worth of Sharif Family asset and where are the details of it?

What was the source of income of buying Rs 6 billion Apartments in England?

Weren’t Sharif’s bank accounts freeze after Pakistan’s nuclear tests?

Did he not transfer his wealth overnight after the nuclear tests?

Where are the details of tax collection and How much of the tax money was put into Raiwind?

How much of national exchequer was spent on his Raiwind’s lavish residence?

Did he not stuff his vaults with kickbacks worth billions in the award of motorway project contract?

Does Sharif family not owe local lenders funds amounting Rs six billion?

These were the question asked  in the past and its answers were given in as emotional way as it were asked. Imran Khan react on the bouncer of  Khawaja Asif by saying, ‘not of my calibre’.

In this week a major set back also occurred for Muslim League Nawaz when Khosa family has given its resignation from PML-N Punjab office on multiple reasons. As it is one of the strongest family dwelt in Punjab and can effect in the elections for PML-N. In future may be the disputes and disagreements get resolves if Nawaz Sharif meet them and amend the problems.

The fire of words between two parties in the Punjab has started and looking to catch the fire as the days goes on and on.    

Will the problems for Nawaz Party will increase day by day or there is a solution for them to get out?