Does an engineering student need to spend extra time on English language skills?

Most people think that Engineers don’t write  and when they gear up for that they end up on writing a theory or a formula. In short they don’t write. According to a report that only 57% of engineering students can write correct English sentences. And surely most of this data improved when Engineering student start using Facebook or Twitter :). Also in that report it states that 25% of  them find difficulty in writing letters and day to day conversation. The survey was done in 250 engineering colleges of India and India is one of the country which produce largest amount of Engineers in an year.

This is somewhat an Alarming situation for Engineering Society not only in Asia but all parts of the world. May be in America they don’t find difficulty in speaking but many have problems in writing a good business letter. The biggest reason in India is somewhat students in half of their academic life study in there local language and giving English second priority.

In Engineering jobs the language plays an important role not from now but since last 10-15 yeas. There was a time when IT jobs were also given considering more about English accent than the IT knowledge but somewhat it was not a good long lasting idea.

In the Publication ‘Achieving the Vision for Civil Engineering in 2025’ in which they regard Civil Engineer as a future leader who will be the problem solver. So as a leader it is very important to have great communication skills there are tons of examples in front of you. It is not only English but somewhat other languages you should need to have command which helps you a lot in engineering sites. Like in Dubai or Saudi Arabia where Arabic is given an equal importance in compare to English in International forum. So it will be excellent to be proficient in more than 2 languages in future.


Do you think that Engineering student need to spend an extra time on language skills preferably English as being the international language?


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