China To Build 82 airports till 2015

China is booming out in construction and will do for the next few years. As in the start of this month they have completed nations biggest project ‘The Three Gorges Dam’ which is known to be the most expensive dam in the history. One more notable project Shanghai Tower is under construction which will be completed in next two years having an estimated budget of about US$ 2.2 billion. Also Wuhan Greenland Center is under process which will be more taller than the Shanghai Tower.  Moreover Chinese construction companies are working in Africa, Chinese workers are moving ahead and going in Africa for building its infrastructure as China being the most traded country in Africa for the last three years so they are looking to invest about US$ 20 billion.

Despite of US$314 billion loss in the construction of 130 airports but they still believe to built more airports. Li Jiaxiang, head of Civil Aviation Administration of China saying the role of small airports is indispensable to local economic development. Feeder airports mainly serve cargo planes and smaller flights. This will integrate 80 percent population of China to use the facility of flying transport from 2015.


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