Past Records may be Broken In London Olympics

London Olympics is all set to go from July 27, 2012 and stops on August 12, 2012. This time it is predicted that new records will be created and past will broken down in this Summer Olympics.

This all will be happen using nanotechnology. According to IMechE  “Sports engineers will increasingly turn to additive layer manufacturing and nanotechnology to help athletes break records in the future.”

Using laser techniques and 3-D printing will help to study each and every object layer by layer. In the report of IMechE, this is turning out to be popular with Sports Engineers as it enable to manufacture personalized kits.

Engineers in the field of nanotechnology are manufacturing and researching on the materials that will change the shape according to the condition.  Cyclist training at the Manchester Velodrome   are taking the full advantage of this technology and development. They are using BAE Systems laser timing having least count of millionth of a second. It will focused around 30 cycles at a time which shows the individual recordings down to milliseconds. This track was designed for battle field/ military operation. Considering about the Olympics how could I forget to tell you about the Running Shoes. They are very specific and are very stiff. This will not improve the performance of athlete in a high percentage, may be it effects 1-2 % but that matters too. It is only taking general mechanical principles such as Kinetics and Kinematics and applying in sports to improve the performance of an athlete. Also in swimming, special materials and methods such as liquid repelling technology are used. By this, sporting equipment does not gain any extra weight from water during competitions.

Sports Engineers are also keeping one thing in mind about the challenges in sports and the toughness which will not make a sport unfair or smooth as it wasn’t in the past but considering the above factors this looks an unfair advantage.

What are your thoughts about the use of nanotechnology in sports?

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4 thoughts on “Past Records may be Broken In London Olympics”

  1. With all this new technology behind them it will be interesting to see if the athletes break a lot of records. And this also makes me curious about what the Olympics will look 100 years from now! Great Post! 😀

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