Friend OR Enemy

As a neighboring country it is very important to have great relationships or it turns out to be a disaster and never stop. This is simply like making a friend or a foe. Let’s see two different news related to subcontinent which indirectly creates impact which are not so good for two neighboring countries Pakistan and India and Projects like Aman Ki Asha.

Let’s read the first one
Few days ago, Ratan Tata stated  that China is acting as a second class enemy by giving weapons to Pakistan. Despite of projects like Aman Ki Asha, if lead class of Pakistani or an India giving such a statement then it will shed all the efforts of the project in vain. May be the reason of this statement would have nothing to do with Pakistan but using Pakistan for increasing your trading relation is not persuasive. We all know that Chinese are at spot no. 2 of Fortune 500 after USA by beating Japan this year, so Indians want to increase their trading and relationship with china much better than before.  But Pakistan is also a neighborhood of China. Pakistan and China are both nuclear states so as Indians. If China gives a support to Pakistan on weapons so didn’t you remember the war of 1965 in which Americans assist Indians and 1971 in which Indian support Bangladesh? But now the time is change Indians, Pakistanis and Chinese they are equipped with heavy ammunition and if one of them needs help than there are other countries, ready to assist with ammunition to see the show and take pleasure with the blood of Asians. I am not here to judge for what he said or the consequences. I myself a small fan of Ratan TATA and Tata Nano company, that’s why I don’t want that he will be targeted by Indian media or anyone else in future. Even I don’t want to have cold relationships between Pak and India and not want to have more places like Siachen. I think it is not so important that what a common man say and think but the thinking and statement of people like TATA, Ambani, Mian Muhammad Munsha and people like these will change the atmosphere greatly.

Second one

Emergency landing of Air-India in Nawabshah happened a few days ago. The pilot of plane Mr. Sunil has informed the Pakistan Aviation Authority regarding the emergent landing. So what went wrong?

All the passengers were in the plane for more than 13 hours and didn’t put their foot on Land of Pakistan. But their commitment was break at the time when the second plane was arrived to take them to New Delhi. They politely refuse to take the facilities from Nawabshah airport. They were asked about food and even also told them to come out for a fresh breathe but they didn’t and say that they were happy inside the plane and has things to eat and drink. Although after few hours the pilot asked for water for drinking which was given immediately to them. So why did they show such an unusual action why they didn’t accept the privileges offered to them? Why?  Maybe the pilot was afraid of taking any decision and was afraid from the Air-India that they might not fire him. This one might seem stupid but it can also be the reason that Sania Mirza one of the noticeable player of Indian Tennis is a wife of Pakistani sportsman Shoaib Malik. And keeping their ritual in mind that, ‘Hum beti kay ghar ka kuch nai khaty ya peetay’( we don’t eat or drink of the daughter’s house). This surely will not be the reason.

This is truly not a good sign for both countries and for their relationships. Both the countries are worldwide known for their hospitality, food and locations than anything else.

Being a Neighbor if Indians don’t show the confidence, trust and kindness to Pakistan and will not forget past unforgettable events than how the Project like Aman Ki Asha will get success?

Maybe now Pakistan need more trust from others and not Indians need; to boost their economy, maintain peace in its state and somewhat a decent image in globe.

What you think about Pilot actions and Tata’s Statement?


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