TATA is looking forward to launch a car later this year. After launching world’s cheapest car in 2008 they are back. The car will be known as TATA NANO diesel while this one will not have the cheapest car tag attach with it but some other lucrative features will be the part of it. TATA NANO is working with Honey well and Bosch, Bosch has provided injecting system in TATA NANO 2008 and will also doing the same with this car while Honey well will supply Turbo charger.

The turbo diesel engine will be very compact and will give power of about 45 BHP. The car is once again manual but having 5-speed manual gear box. Also it may have power steering which was not in the TATA NANO. According to some sources that although it will not be the cheapest car but will be most fuel-efficient car. Also the CNG NANO’s are likely to come in auto-market later this year. They are also working on the internal design so that the car remains cool in Diesel or CNG version.

TATA Company is not contented with the sales of their TATA NANO petrol as their target of 20000 units per month was not achieved. May be this one will help them to achieve their target.

Considering about the price of the car it may be about 200000 Indian rupees. But may be being the most fuel-efficient car it will not be the problem.

Do you think that Diesel NANO or CNG version will do much business than TATA NANO PETROL?

Will TATA Company meet its target of sales what they have made in their mind? 


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