Europe’s tallest building- The Shard

95-story towers, 11,000 glass panels, 44 escalators; THE SHARD (marked at London south bank) is now the tallest building of Europe after surpassing Commerz Bank Tower which was about 259m. Italian Architect, Renzo Piano designed it. It became the tallest building of Europe in 2011 but it is officially unveiled in London this year. The opening of this building was officially held a few days ago with a fabulous laser light of green, purple and gold. About 310 meter tall seems to be average in front of tallest building in the world, ‘Burj-ul -Arab’. It is about half kilometer shorter than the tallest building of the world. It is 59th tallest building in the world.

Tallest Building of Europe- The Shard

However, at the end of this year it will increase about 20-30 meters by which it will surpassed Mercury City Tower in Russia. In SHARD you will find Offices, Apartments with 360 degrees views, Hotels, Restaurants and Spa and lots more. The ground-floor Shard Plaza will be a public area with seating and plants. Also each Apartment cost will be about 78 million dollars.

Yesterday was the first day when people booked their tickets for ‘The View from The Shard’. Viewing from Shard makes the other land mark looks small and the London bridge station looks like a toy. But it cost about 24 pound for adult and 18 pound for children to view from the edifice, more expensive of viewing Taj Mahal, about 900-1000 Indian rupees need for visiting it. But for non-Indians it is expensive about 50-60 dollar. ‘I don’t think many local people will be going up to the viewing platform at that price’, says Russell Gray of the Bermondsey Village Action Group. Despite of slow-moving economy of Europe, they are looking forward to attract foreigners.

According to developer Irvine Sellar, he says that this building will prove to be success, despite its sluggish economy.

What are your views about this building?

Do you think it is a tourist attraction for London?

Is it an Architectural Revolution in London?


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