Engineering College Dropout? I don’t think so

Becoming a college dropout seems like the most adventurous thing for me when I see the accomplishments of Steve jobs and Bill gates. But at the same time it makes me feel shameful when I heard the news of a college dropout attempts to hacked ICICI bank site.

Right now I am in fourth semester of my Engineering and I have no plans of attempting something like this in the end of my semester.

What drives him to do that?

The college dropout, name Manish Pandey whose father is a doctor told “My target was to make fund transfer of Rs 10 crore from the bank so that I could have set up an IIT-JEE coaching institute in Varanasi” Moreover he told that he did this with the help of some students of IIT-Kanpur Students. A case has been registered against Pandey under Section 65 and 66 of Information Technology (IT) Act, besides IPC 420.

This looks to me a totally different thing, don’t say him the college dropout as it is a pure word because college dropouts are million times better than these kinds of people say him one of the lovebirds of coaching centre. Because all he did is to make a coaching centre. In India as well as other countries coaching center is a profitable business but students are getting less interested to become an engineer or doctor for what their parents have admitted them in such expensive fee structure institution. Students who scores good marks get busy in future studies and leave behind coaching centre environment but those who scores less are roaming on the streets of coaching centers and you know well what they do?

It might be the environment of coaching centre which is not up to mark of building a vision of an engineer or doctor.  One of my teacher said about the tutors of coaching centre that ‘They are the ones who should be hanged on the streets till death.’ Because they have ruined new generation, beside of giving the concept of a topic they teach them How to get the exact answer? How to get 100 marks in Mathematics?

Tell me one thing studying in the class of your intermediate college which is bigger than your drawing-room and studying in a class of coaching centre which is like a drawing-room, where you feel more comfortable?

But this is also taken in to account that college have themselves degraded their reputation by the interference of political parties, due to which students and their parents forcefully have to put them in coaching centers. Colleges should do something to get their glory back or else this is a just start, in future you might even not catch these people.

So what you think

Is He a College Dropout or one of the lovebirds of Coaching Centre?

Also are you satisfied with the coaching centre environment?


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