Human Beings are the most powerful creature of the earth and also highest populated mammal in this planet besides mice. When human being start growing all over the world they start making homes and places where they live with all pleasure of life, but this doesn’t mean that they start reclamation. Building a Land over sea is somehow seems to be an engineering marvel and possibly it is. This looks good when it is done in a small-scale and without disturbing other systems of the earth such as ecology of aquatic animals. Doing it in a larger scale will produce great floods which will cause great disaster and heavy losses.

Nordhavnen peninsula today

There are many cities which were born in 20th century by the method of reclamation as it is defined as the making of land on the sea, oceans and river beds and making a surface area where human beings start living. When the earth was created there was a land and giant sea, by the forces of sea, the land gets sheared and today we find 7 continents in our world.

Countries like America, Australia, Japan and China are the countries where many places were reclaimed in the past century. Palm Island in the Dubai, Disney land in Hong Kong and Hong Kong International Airport are also example of land reclamation. Netherland 1/5th of the country is created by land reclamation. If a flood or disaster comes in Netherland, then there might be a great loss of economy, about 42000 sq kilometer area can be flooded and more than that many people will suffer from their lives.

If climate changes drastically it will make glaciers to melt and will make increase in water level which can hit badly to half of Netherlands as it is below half of the land is below the sea level.

How to save them from Flood?

As engineers were the ones who did reclamation so engineers need to solve these problems by themselves. Many techniques are use to lower the flood like creating dry dams which serves purely for flood water. Secondly river defense such as reservoirs to prevent river from busting their banks. Tidal barrages are also used to stop floods. In London there is used of mechanical barrier which rises when the water level of River Thames rises at a certain point.

However one thing also needs to know that flooding creates fertility in the soil and provides nutrients of which it is deficient so that is also a benefit of flood on sterile land. The prices of lands after fertile gets increase as it is great place of agriculture.


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