Opening the new doors of Universe

When Albert Einstein presented his theory of relativity, people at that time attach with him found them to be the luckiest one. After a longtime in Geneva (at the CERN research), people have found themselves to be luckier than the people of relativity. In between that time some other victories and new doors of galaxy were opened but this is a game changer and could be the biggest victory in history as scientist has found a subatomic particle that is a building block of the creation of universe. According to John Womersley who is a chief executive of Britain’s Science and technology has confirmed the news at London, “I can confirm that a particle has been discovered that is consistent with the Higgs boson theory”.

If it is the sub atomic particle which relates with Higgs Boston theory, than it will play a huge role in studying the creation of universe much better than before and in future it could be the basis of big discoveries and inventions. For Higg’s particle scientist were wrestling in the studies for more than 2 decades. It’s called Higgs particle because the man who theorized about such particle’s existence, named Peter Higgs who has honored for the Nobel Prize for this theory but now his theory is shifting its place towards practical side, he on the discovery of subatomic particle which shows the characteristics of his theory said, “Really it is incredible that this has happened in my lifetime.”  Also said, “For me personally it’s just the confirmation of something I did 48 years ago.”
The details of discovery of subatomic particle and its much clarification will be published later this year. And if it is really the missing part of Standard Model that is the missing part than the new era of physics will start and the new doors of universe will be opened soon.
For achieving a milestone, a 17 miles looped pipe was placed in a tunnel underground  where they collide two beams of protons which results in millions of subatomic particles with a great acceleration, costing them 3 billion Euros. They also have taken the assistance of high-tech computers in which they study and examined the behavior of particles and nature and from there they found some characteristics of Higg’s particle.


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