Does an engineering student need to spend extra time on English language skills?

Most people think that Engineers don’t write  and when they gear up for that they end up on writing a theory or a formula. In short they don’t write. According to a report that only 57% of engineering students can write correct English sentences. And surely most of this data improved when Engineering student start using Facebook or Twitter :). Also in that report it states that 25% of  them find difficulty in writing letters and day to day conversation. The survey was done in 250 engineering colleges of India and India is one of the country which produce largest amount of Engineers in an year.

This is somewhat an Alarming situation for Engineering Society not only in Asia but all parts of the world. May be in America they don’t find difficulty in speaking but many have problems in writing a good business letter. The biggest reason in India is somewhat students in half of their academic life study in there local language and giving English second priority.

In Engineering jobs the language plays an important role not from now but since last 10-15 yeas. There was a time when IT jobs were also given considering more about English accent than the IT knowledge but somewhat it was not a good long lasting idea.

In the Publication ‘Achieving the Vision for Civil Engineering in 2025’ in which they regard Civil Engineer as a future leader who will be the problem solver. So as a leader it is very important to have great communication skills there are tons of examples in front of you. It is not only English but somewhat other languages you should need to have command which helps you a lot in engineering sites. Like in Dubai or Saudi Arabia where Arabic is given an equal importance in compare to English in International forum. So it will be excellent to be proficient in more than 2 languages in future.


Do you think that Engineering student need to spend an extra time on language skills preferably English as being the international language?


China To Build 82 airports till 2015

China is booming out in construction and will do for the next few years. As in the start of this month they have completed nations biggest project ‘The Three Gorges Dam’ which is known to be the most expensive dam in the history. One more notable project Shanghai Tower is under construction which will be completed in next two years having an estimated budget of about US$ 2.2 billion. Also Wuhan Greenland Center is under process which will be more taller than the Shanghai Tower.  Moreover Chinese construction companies are working in Africa, Chinese workers are moving ahead and going in Africa for building its infrastructure as China being the most traded country in Africa for the last three years so they are looking to invest about US$ 20 billion.

Despite of US$314 billion loss in the construction of 130 airports but they still believe to built more airports. Li Jiaxiang, head of Civil Aviation Administration of China saying the role of small airports is indispensable to local economic development. Feeder airports mainly serve cargo planes and smaller flights. This will integrate 80 percent population of China to use the facility of flying transport from 2015.

Kingdom Tower-Future Tallest Building

World’s currently tallest building Burj Khalifa is unlikely to overtake by Kingdom Tower in future at Jeddah near the Red Sea, which  will be just above 1 km, about 1 km and 7 meter. The building has started its construction this year and more likely to complete each and every thing in 2017.

About 5.7 million square feet is totally covered land area.The main purpose of this building is tourist attraction; featuring a Four Seasons hotel, Four Seasons serviced apartments, office space, luxury condominiums and an observatory. The cost estimated for this project is about 1.2 billion US dollar, which is signed by Saudi bin laden group. The architect of this project is Adrian Smith +
 Gordon Gill Architecture, also designed Burj Khalifa gate houses for which it  wins
2012 International Architecture Award. The Kingdom Tower design embraces its architectural pedigree, taking full advantage of the proven design strategies and technological strategies of its lineage, refining and advancing them to achieve new heights.

According to Talal Al Maiman who is the CEO of Kingdom Real Estate Development Company stated in the investor meeting that

“We intend Kingdom Tower to become both an economic engine and a proud symbol of the kingdom’s economic and cultural stature in the world community.”

“Kingdom Tower will be a landmark structure that will greatly increase the value of other properties around it in Kingdom City and indeed throughout North Jeddah.”

A challenge in the future:

The tag of tallest building hold by burj khalifa more than half a decade in 21st century when new advancements are taking place in every part of the world is marvelous but it might not be same with Kingdom tower as some rumors are already in the market that a sky scraper in 2018 will constructed and become the tallest in the world know as Azerbaijan Tower. But up till now there is no confirmation for that and in the past many projects were proposed but not given to its final shape.

What are your thoughts regarding Kingdom Tower?

TAPI gas pipeline agreement signed

1680 km gas pipeline will start its journey from Turkmenistan and its final destination will be India-Pakistan border. TAPI gas pipeline is an agreement signed between four countries (Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India) is estimated to be US 7.6 billion dollar. According to UK  auditing firm Gaffney, Cline & Associates, Turkmenistan is the fourth or fifth largest reserve of natural gas.

This pipeline will help to overcome acute shortage of energy in India, Pakistan as well as in Afghanistan. Turkmenistan will also likely to capture market and diversify its existing market from China and Russia. This is actually a win-win solution for all four countries and other countries has also shown praise for this project.

Canada National Defense minister also spokes about the pipeline that if Taliban plays its role in destruction of pipeline than we are ready to play our role. Also NATO secretary journal said that the saving pipeline is first priority. This project will help other countries to build revenue as they will take part in the construction of this pipeline, sponsored by Asian Development Bank (ADB).

Route Of TAPI Pipeline :

The pipeline will run from the Turkmenistan gas fields to Afghanistan. It will start from the Dauletabad gas fields and run into Afghanistan alongside the highway running from Heart to Kandahar and then via Quetta and Multan in Pakistan. The final destination of the pipeline will be Fazilka near the India-Pakistan border.

Alternative of TAPI, IPI :

Pakistan and India for fulfilling there energy crises, negotiating with Iran for Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline. But India with its tensed relation with Pakistan are not showing any serious concerns with this project. Pakistan on the other hand is willing to signed with Iran but due to political and International tension, this project is not executing and not showing any progress like the way TAPI did. China has also shown its interest and is likely to take part in this project if it progresses.



Cricket Rivals are Back

One of the intense rivalry of sports India vs Pakistan are back in action. But cricket lovers have to show some patience as this will start end of this year, 2012.

“Cricket is back between Pak and India”

Pakistan cricket team will tour India later this year for 3 One day Internationals and 2 Twenty Twenty matches. The series is too short and sadly not  a single test match is in the schedule. Sadly after the Mumbai attacks there were no bilateral series arranged between these two rivalries and after 5 years break these two teams will be back. This was not only the efforts of Pakistan Cricket Board and BCCI but also the government of Pakistan urged Indian government to think about the bilateral series. And in result a very positive response given by them. More than 1 billion people are waiting for this series to get start as soon as possible. Although this year Olympics is all set to start later this month and yes also the T20 World cup but the charisma and intensity between these two teams are distinct. Many people in India as well in Pakistan are waiting to see the Teesra of Saeed Ajmal, flamboyant Shahid Afridi, Yuvraj Singh, Young guns Asad Shafiq, Azhar Ali, Virat Kholi and MurliVijay, Legendary Batsman Sachin Tendulkar, fast bowlers Sami, ZAK and Gul and not the least Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik. 😀

Many will be missed such as Kumble, Shoaib Akhtar, Inzamam, Dravid, Yousuf and Ganguly.

Let us hope that the series get started without any obstruction and hurdle and we will see an excitement and thrill between Pakistan and India not only in India but also in Pakistan.

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Past Records may be Broken In London Olympics

London Olympics is all set to go from July 27, 2012 and stops on August 12, 2012. This time it is predicted that new records will be created and past will broken down in this Summer Olympics.

This all will be happen using nanotechnology. According to IMechE  “Sports engineers will increasingly turn to additive layer manufacturing and nanotechnology to help athletes break records in the future.”

Using laser techniques and 3-D printing will help to study each and every object layer by layer. In the report of IMechE, this is turning out to be popular with Sports Engineers as it enable to manufacture personalized kits.

Engineers in the field of nanotechnology are manufacturing and researching on the materials that will change the shape according to the condition.  Cyclist training at the Manchester Velodrome   are taking the full advantage of this technology and development. They are using BAE Systems laser timing having least count of millionth of a second. It will focused around 30 cycles at a time which shows the individual recordings down to milliseconds. This track was designed for battle field/ military operation. Considering about the Olympics how could I forget to tell you about the Running Shoes. They are very specific and are very stiff. This will not improve the performance of athlete in a high percentage, may be it effects 1-2 % but that matters too. It is only taking general mechanical principles such as Kinetics and Kinematics and applying in sports to improve the performance of an athlete. Also in swimming, special materials and methods such as liquid repelling technology are used. By this, sporting equipment does not gain any extra weight from water during competitions.

Sports Engineers are also keeping one thing in mind about the challenges in sports and the toughness which will not make a sport unfair or smooth as it wasn’t in the past but considering the above factors this looks an unfair advantage.

What are your thoughts about the use of nanotechnology in sports?

Comment about it!

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Concave Up Or Concave Down in Bending Moment Diagram

In Structural Analysis when a member of a frame or a single beam is analyse on which a shear force ( Force perpendicular to axis of beam) is acting. In that we make shear force and bending moment diagram which tell us about how beam will react? or how will it  bend?

When drawing a bending moment diagram for beam or a member which is under a U.D.L (Uniform Distributed Loading) there  comes a curve between two points, between the starting and ending points of UDL. The question arises, how to join the two points?

Yes by a curve, but which curve?

Either from concave up or concave down?

To solve this query there is a simple maths rule of relative maxima and relative minima.

Steps by which you can find easily either to joint the points by concave up or concave down;

1. Differentiate the equation of Bending moment diagram and find the value of ‘x’, by equating it to 0.

2. Differentiate equation second time and put the value of ‘x’ in it.

3. If the answer is ‘+’ than joint the points as concave up.

4. If the answer is ‘-‘ than joint the points as concave down.

Also for finding the maximum and minimum value of curve, put the value of the ‘x’ which you find, in Bending moment equation, where you will find the maximum or minimum value of Bending moment.

Note: The Derivative of Bending moment is equal to shear force.

Hence by a simple math technique, a concept of bending moment diagram will  be cleared easily.

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