Top 15 Tips for the preparation of Aptitude Test

We really take too much tension regarding Aptitude Test for Professional University and that tension creates a block in our learning process. Student’s when applying for Engineering or Medical universities look forward for an Aptitude Test Preparation Centre’s which is not feasible for people who can’t afford it. Here I bring some tips regarding preparation of Aptitude Test.

15 Tips for the preparation of Aptitude Test

1. Keep a Note Book:

Fetch a note book so that you can create your own performance Evaluation.

Make a list of Subjects you want to prepare for the Aptitude Test, Mark 5 stars on those whom your preparation is good, question mark on the subject in which you need to work really hard. Don’t carry the book all day in your hand, just before going to Bed give some time to it.

 2. Two or Three Subjects at a time:

Don’t pick one subject for a day,take 2 in start and later on 3. Pick one subject which you really like and pick the most interesting topic, I said interesting not that which you learned hard in your past classes. Pick the least favorite subject and pick the most boring but important article.

3. Timing is not the Key:

Many bright students don’t study for 4-5 hours or 12 hours but they study until they absorb the topic this may take 1 or 2 hour or may be 5 hour. Try to get the concept of it and be prepared that question regarding it can be in any shape.

4. Manage your Time:

Although you should not target studying hours but you need to manage it don’t study when you feel tired, it is of no use. It’s good to study in the morning but it’s on you. Try to get interval, this will increase your learning strength also it will decrease your hassle.

5. Group Study is a nice option:

It is very good to do group study and sharing tips with each other, it definitely work to score high in test. Try not to rely on it and don’t waste of your time asking each other, home much you have did?

6. Don’t rely on one book:

Keep one thing in mind the topic in test could be same but the questions are unusual, don’t rely on one book try to take help from internet as a lot of material is present.  Take one or two good test preparation books.

7. Take part in quizzes:

Try to take full use of Online Free Test it really assists you and more also it makes you confident as there are too many quizzes and scoring will definitely boost you. Also video lectures on different topics can help you a lot.

8. Reading is better option than writing:

It is not possible to write and jot down everything better to read it and try to memorize the important terminologies. If possible write down the key points of the topic. Subjects like English you need to give  a bit on writing so don’t run from it.

9. Link one topic with the other and then to the other:

This tech really works in subjects like Chemistry or Physics. For Instance,

Talking about homologous series in chemistry

Definition of Homologous Series from Wikipedia

“In chemistry, a homologous series is a series of compounds with a similar general formula, possessing similar chemical properties due to the presence of the same functional group, and showing a gradation in physical properties as a result of increase in molecular size and mass.”

Now here we define homologous series than link it to functional group (define it) examples of functional groups like X(halogens),-OH(hydroxyl),-COOH(carboxylic),-CHO(aldehyde),R-H(alkane),R-OR(ether) etc  than link to Nomenclature than to their Method of Preparation and to chemical properties and so on and on…

10. Back to Note Book:

It is very important to note down the topics which are learned.

11. Avoid Gaps:

Consistency produces positive results so it is very important not to have long gaps in studies, if you don’t feel good, just try pinching it. Read whatever you like regarding your subjects.

 12. Plan it and stay with it:

This tip really do pay off because you are the only one who knows,’ How can I achieve this? How Can I produce the best result?’ so you planned the best for it’.

13. Take Advice:

Take advice with those who passed from this stage, if there is no one around you than ‘Prepare to be that’.

14. Past Papers:

They are helpful and create an idea in your mind regarding a paper but don’t take it for granted, may be this time it might be a different scenario.

15. Sleep and eat well:

It is very important for a student to take a healthy diet and proper sleep as it gives you boost mentally.

Some more tips in this video with music 😀

Any other advice you want to add?


15 thoughts on “Top 15 Tips for the preparation of Aptitude Test”

  1. Bro i hav 6 months for my placement in campus.. My question is do i hav to start the apti preparation now itself?.. Or is it a high time..
    And when should i prepare for technical? .. I want to clearly manage my 6 months.. Ty in advance

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