Umpiring- A decision to be made

In a Street Cricket when two teams are all set to play out, umpiring is done by one of the team mate who bats (just to check out the no balls and run out and keep extra balls), while an eye has been on him by one of the bowling side player either he is right or wrong regarding no balls and run outs, so for it he field just close to him.

But when it comes to domestic, county or International cricket, umpiring becomes an important part. It should be taken as a serious and professional job. It is not an easy work. it requires sharp eye, active mind and great audible range. One decision can turn the match. Likewise in construction of a normal building, people don’t praise the normal building but if same building gets crumple you know the consequences. Similarly a right decision is not praised. Umpires are taken with soft image but it becomes a brutal image if one of the player is appealing for a right decision and gets overturned.

It is not the players who have Fans in the field but umpires too

One of the Best Umpires in Cricketing World: Aleem Dar

What Should We Do?

* Umpiring should be taken seriously in domestic games and good umpires should promote in the International format.

* Each and every decision should be noticed and an eye should keep on umpires too(you know what I mean).

*Use of technology should promote in domestic matches to get more good umpires in International matches.

* If possible make a small research centre where gadgets or software are made to assist umpires and to improve decisions.

*More over software should be checked with all aspect before using.

*If a batsman sure he is out so he should admit it and leave the field or else if he doubt he might check for 3rd umpire.

*Like in I.P.L (Indian Premier League) there is a king fisher fair play award, Similarly ICC should bring justice play award in every series and should be given importance and compel teams to fight for it.

What Can an Umpire Do?

*Umpires themselves need to challenge them they should do home work before start of every match

For example: If Pakistan and India are playing in Australia so they should know that fast bowlers will be used more so they should keep important things in mind regarding fast bowlers for instance no balls from foot and of height and LBW’s, keep stats regarding batsman who gets more out on LBW’s and bowler who bowls more no balls.

*They might do this but it’s good to tell they should eat a lot of carrots and also keep in touch with nutritionist and ask them about diet, also do exercise and moreover doing meditation will definitely improves there listening and seeing command. 😀

Are there any other ideas by which umpiring can be improved?


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