Exhibition Match In Delhi

A few days ago in Dehli (India); MS Dhoni, Harabhajjan Singh, Virat Kholi and Murli Vijay get up for an exhibition match and guess what, the match was not of cricket but of football and in this passionate game Rock star Ranbir Kapoor with an RK t-shirt having No.8 was out against them and more surprisingly he was not alone and having a teammate who made Chelsea the winner of last Champions League, yes I am talking about Didier Drogba and also  Ivory Coast. 


The temperature of Dehli was up to 45 and it increases with the presence of drogba along with MS dhoni in Pepsi T20 football exhibition Match.


Drogba regarding world cricket said that he has followed the Last one day Cricket World cup which India won and he thinks that Dhoni is a good leader, He moreover said that he can’t pronounce his name. He also expressed his feeling regarding UEFA Champions League and said that he and his team mates are trying hard since last eight years and last they reach the finals.

Dhoni told that it’s great to play like this and promoting football in India. One thing also likely to share that he was before as a wicket keeper was a goal keeper but since last thirteen years his focus is Cricket. He was ask to do goal keeping while Drogba will go for a penalty kick he sided this challenge by saying that since last thirteen years I have been in to cricket and I am not in form as a Goal KeepeER. 😀


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