Who suffered most from the longest day of the year 2012?

June 21 is known to be the longest day in most parts of the world and was greatly suffered by ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan Yousuf Raza Gillani who was disqualified by the Supreme court of Pakistan, as he proved to be more dedicated with elected party than to the decision of supreme court.


Who’s Next

Today a new month (1st Shabban 1433) has start and an official decision has taken about next Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Raja Pervez Ashraf has been chosen for this position by PPP.

Present Prime Minister

Reaction of Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan

Nawaz Sharif said that “I am mortified with the Candidates chosen for the position” on the other hand Imran Khan said that “Another slave of President Zardari”.

The affluence of Raja Pervez Ashraf shines, a person who was not the Minister in Parliament has become the 17th (1+7=8) Prime Minister of Pakistan, born on 26th(2+6=8) December 1950.  He has served as a water and power minister of Pakistan in 2008 and on the first day of holy month of Shaban (“it is so called because in this month the Arabs used to disperse (tashaaba) in search of water”) he was chosen with 211votes for PM.

He in the past has controlled over the divisive deals with the Rental Power Projects to boost electricity generation in the country at a time when power cuts were becoming frequent.

What’s Next

Sooner or later the judges will be pinching Raja’s neck as well, poke him to pick up where Mr Gillani ended. Will he do the same as Gillani did, or Will he show some revolutionary acts? By writing Letter to Swiss Bank.


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