Rising Star of Pakistan

It is not only about Man from Pakistan who are rising stars or some specified occupations like Politics or Sports. Yesterday it was the birthday of Benazir Bhutto who had put her name in golden words in the history of Pakistan. Politics was not the only stuff of being loved by the nation but the numerous disaster she has suffered in her youth, despite all she ended her journey of the world with flying colors.

Today in Pakistan many young people who are rising up and making Pakistan proud with their untiring efforts.

She is smart, intelligent,confident, hardworking and serious with her work, talking about Sidra Iqbal.

She is an internationally acclaimed public speaker and represents the youth of Pakistan. She has achieved numerous mile stones; like being a youth representative of Pakistan in different countries (such as Saudi Arabia and Malaysia) where she was invitied, she was also chosen for an international adviser for Woman as global leaders  .She was given 100% scholarships to study international relations in Oxford university. And many more.  Recently she did another accomplishment by hosting the Official Digital Platform of the annual Bollywood Bonanza IIFA 2012 in Singapore.

So I really congratulate her for this achievement and yes she deserve it.


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