Not are the tigers of test Match..

This is a picture which I found on the front page of leading newspaper of Pakistan (Dawn).

The Pic looks great with dashing pose of Shahid Afridi and Umer Akmal along with slingy Malinga and Jayawardane.

But the story is not end yet, according to concept of this ad Pakistan cricket team will fight back after loosing the ODI series against Srilanka last week, and will take the revenge of it. But who will take the revenge Shahid Afridi and Umer akmal. Shahid Afridi has retired from test format as every fan of Pak cricket knows, moreover Umer Akmal is also not in the test squad. These were from Paksitan and from Srilanka, Malinga is not also the part of test team. Thank God Mahela is playing.LOL..

This is really a mistake and doesn’t seems good from a cricket loving nation.

Maybe it is a small thing in front of Malik Riaz case,but job is job…

Do comment…………


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