In Fiasco.

Just a few days before when we watch a leak video   which was the published all over the media and a confusing structure is made regarding media. Many things haven been placed in such a way that it is difficult to gulped.First of all this looks pretty unprofessional, what I mean is that we see Amir Liaquat’s video after such an act how could this be happen,mean one of the richest person of Pakistan is giving an interview (Malik Riaz) and there was not any precaution by him,WOW hats off.

Now how the views has been taken from opposing sides, on One place Geo Anchors are saying that punishments should be given I recently watch Ayesha Buttcha Interview ‘Lekin’, In which Mr Hamid Mir was present. The motto was that both were first embarrassed by the paid politicians regarding their profession and then were saved that although in this all dirt you people are not involved. WoW… on the other hand Dunya News is giving justifications on the leak video.

I heard from Mr. Gillani that “Koylay ki Kaan main kaam karnay walon kay hath to kaalay hotay hain”. And yes sir that is true but you people also have expensive hand wash and skin specialist  who clear this all without leaving behind any disposals.

Media Anchors, reporters and  journalist all have links with government officials and definitely ” Sohbat ka asar to parta hai”. A show which has taken the most popularity i.e Hasbehaal in which Anchor told that ” Main ya koi bhi bara anchor aaj agar baray channels main betha hua hai to kissi na kissi paway ki wajah say hai na kssi merit ki wajha say hai”. Media people always shout for the Merit in governmnet sector but what about the criteria in their own professions.

Yes there are good channels also why not to count them and many anchors who are very brilliant.

The brilliancy is not to do cross question but also a style to deliver your question and your patience to listen it. I did not see host which give people a mean time to say this could be because they don’t have the smartness to do that or may be some kind of pressure of doing that.

TRP  of a channel might raised by people like jasmine who shouts but that’s a temporary and seriously watching there program mes you cant sleep peace fully, LOL…

There is not always we need masala we need some good and profound interviews which make people to think not to get them confused.

I would like to have suggestions on this topic.


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