Aman Ki Asha

India and Pakistan are two rich cultured and self esteemed country in the sub-continent; Besides having same likes and dislike,pros and cons and mutual benefits they don’t get settle on a note of peace. As a neighborhood, countries take a lot of advantages from each other China is taking a lot of advantage from India as well as Pakistan. Having highly skilled labor;good engineers,doctors,scientist and entrepreneurs  they are taking great advantages all around the world.If India and China,China and Pakistan have no problems of doing such a great deals beside language culture difference why Pakistanis and Indians have so big problem. We can understand each other language, have same interest (watching cricket and movies),have same problems(Poverty and malnutrition) and so on and on..but still what we found that Indians do 2% of import from Pakistan and Pakistan do 6% of import with them,People who lives outside Asia even in Asia definitely think that what a stupid neighborhood they are.

A step of Aman Ki asha has taken to over come the problems and dispute between two nations. Mr chisti arrival in its homeland after 20 years from India’s jail shows the sign of peace. And all people here and across the border are seeking (asha kar rahay hain) to get peace and glory.

May Allah Bless both the nation with peace,love and respect for each other.


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