Moving to football from cricket for a while

Before doing that act I just want say congrats to India for winning comprehensively in Semi Finals and cruising to the finals of fifth T20 world cup.

Football is not as popular as Cricket in Asia. But it has a good amount of numbers following from Asian countries specially Pakistan. Football in Pakistan is a very popular game specially in the streets of Karachi. And in Karachi specifically in Lyari a very intense place of the city. As we all know that #StreetChildWorldCup is going on in Brazil and the team which has impressed the most is of Pakistan. Street Children from Karachi which were few months wandering and may get the tags of criminals have become the stars of Pakistan and has impressed everyone from their performances. They beat India defending champions by 13-0 and now at the top of the group stage. I hope they cruise to the final and won the Street football world cup. A year ago BBC came to the street of Karachi and saw street kids playing football and their passion. At that moment no one thought that these kids could do this much big.

They don’t have big inspiration like in Cricket we have they don’t have that much facilities the way Cricket in Pakistan have but it now looks to grow faster and the day is not far when Pakistan team will play in FIFA World Cup.

The Sports minister and government should think about the passion of football players else things will be rotten the way it had and we only left with sorrow in the end.

Best Of Luck to Football in Pakistan…


Bangalis will supporting Srilankans in Final

Bangladeshi will be supporting Srilankans in this T20 World cup final played in Bangladesh.

Reason is simple:

2009 venue England

2010 winner England

2010 venue West Indies

2012 winner West Indies

2012 venue Srilanka

2014 winner _____________

I think Bengalis will be loving this sequence as it could generate there number.  The next T20 world cup will going to happen in India in 2016 so just want to say them Keep Dreaming may be you get it because t20 is the mother of unpredictability.

Hafeez should not step down

Pakistan team knock out in the group stage day before yesterday so as WI today who lost the semi final against Srilanka by D/L method.

But what is going on all the way. Australia also came with the best team and not qualify for the Semi finals. English players were expected to go earlier and were not in top four but they played more worst by losing against Netherlands.

Not a single word utter by the media for so bad performance by Aussie and English players. And in Pakistan it is an opposite story. Yes Pakistanis are much passionate for Cricket than the other two but the working methodology for the betterment of cricket is not in the right direction as they have. Muhammad Hafeez dropped as a captain. I was very happy to see him doing captaincy for the second time. in T20 WC, because of a consistent decision and hoping to see him as a captain after 2015 when Misbah will retire.

I know many of you have their own likes and dis likes but Cricket is not all about this. If  Cricket work in this way then after 2010 WC Kevin Pietersen become the captain of English Team, Mike Hussey of Australia’s, Gayle of West Indies and Shakib ul Hasan of Bangladesh. Then how Pakistan team is going like this once again a reverse gear of looking Shahid Afridi as the captain of Pakistan team.  I know we play different cricket than allover the world but that doesn’t mean we should not follow the basics.

Players and Management should not accept his decision of step down from captaincy and not support him. I know his batting is not in form and was feeling the pressure. No body in Pakistan team is as  spotless. Even Indian team has Virat Kholi who is the best batsman now on earth  but see what is his role. Pakistan team should go for Hafeez, If this happen with Hafeez next will be Afridi then some one else and a cycle will go like this. Pakistan team must avoid this sort of attitude and must stick to the decision they stick  else Cricket of Pakistan will suffer badly.


The five most expensive player in IPL 2014 auction

The IPL 2014 is about to start in few months( not know if it will be in India or in South Africa). The players sold out last month. Here is the list of The five most expensive player in IPL 2014 auction.

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Fawad Alam grabs the chance

Fawad Alam after scoring his debut hundred against Srilanka in Srilanka
Fawad Alam after scoring his début hundred against Srilanka in Srilanka

His average is about 50 in the first class cricket but it was unnoticeable  by chief selectors. The time he grew a big moustache he was caught by selectors and was given the chance. Lolzz… the last part is of course wrong yeah he grew his moustache and it is a good trend in Cricket now.


Fawad Alam after scoring his maiden hundred against Srilanka in Bangladesh
Fawad Alam after scoring his maiden hundred against Srilanka in Bangladesh

But why a player who scores a 100 in his début didn’t played consistently. If he had played for Pakistan since 2009 consistently I am sure he had score at least 12 or more hundreds up till now as the way Pakistani top order has been crumbled in the recent past against many sides.  He was the part of T-20 world cup 2009 and he impressed with his splendid fielding but since it was the time of Muhammad Aamir,  Boom Boom Shahid Afridi that’s why he was not caught by the media. But now when he got the chance to play in the final against the team whom he scored a hundred in test he grabbed it and played a responsible inning.

He is the fifth Pakistani batsman to scored a ton in playing at number five. Others were Imran Khan, Basit Ali, Ijaz Ahmed & Yousuf made twice. 


He has an unorthodox way to bat a bit like Chanderpaul. He has the ability of taking frequent single and doubles which you normally don’t find in Pakistan team batters. His temperament of batting is better than Umer Akmal; even when he was batting a commentator said if Umer Akmal was there instead of Fawad Alam he would have played a stupid shot and was out.

I hope he play more and more for Pakistan and play great winning knocks which he can do. Because he has proved that he is not only the best batsman in domestic but also of PAK XI after scoring in a pressure.

Afghanistan Team can be dangerous in upcoming T-20

Star of Afghanistan team

Asia Cup was ended last night by an impressive win of Srilankans against Pakistan. The tournament was very important for all the teams in different perspective. But the team who has got the thinnest chance of winning-Afghanistan, yeah they don’t win it also has shown a great team effort and a great performance in the tournament.  They beat home team Bangladesh which was surely there one of the  target to do. Apart of that they played well against Pakistan but were not so great against Indians and Srilankans.

There matches in Bangladesh pitches can help them of showing great effort of and better performances in upcoming T-20 world cup. Afghanistan team will be dangerous in upcoming T-20 world cup.  They have a fine bowling attack and they could restrict teams like Bangladesh,  Zimbawe, Hong Kong Nepal in upcoming T-20 world cup. But their problem is there batting they are unable to chase or put a good total on board and they are heavily depend on their wicket keeper batsman Shehzad. But what’s the good thing about T-20 format is it suits their batsman and they played a nail-biting t-20 match against Pakistan couple of months ago.


Afghanistan cricketer Shapoor Zadran
Afghanistan cricketer Shapoor Zadran


Shaproon Zadran is one of the bowler who has impressed a lot. Let us see how Afghanis show  them self in T-20 world cup.


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